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Developing A Thorough Job Description for an Online Community Manager – Due June 4th, 2017

Developing A Social Media Policy – June 18th, 2017

Assignment – Develop a Social Media Policy, incorporating the proper use of Creative Commons and Copyright laws in your Social Media Policy.  Your Social Media Policy include  one paragraph long ( explaining why the need/use of a social media policy is important to the organization/company) and no more than 20 bullet points of policy. (Minimum of 10 — Maximum of 20)

  • Critical thinking — Looking at the entire organization and how they will utilize social media and coming up with a policy that doesn’t infringe on their personal use of smartphone technologies and social networks, but also emphasizing the need to properly and passionately represent the brand on across all social networks, professionally, courteously in the brand’s social community.

Measuring and Monitoring Strategies (SMO)/ROI Strategies – Due June 11th, 2017

Assignment — Using your ROI Strategy — select which tools you will use to monitor ( SOFT ROI) and measure (HARD ROI) to ensure you are on target with the goals of your ROI strategy.  Explain the advantages of Search Engine Marketing (SMO)

Online Publishing Calendar – Due June 25th, 2017

Assignment — Create an online publishing  strategy and calendar to support the SOFT ROI requirements of posting, tweeting, pinning, etc., your content online.

Articles on Creative Commons License and Copyright Laws

Social Media Crisis Management Plan – Due July 2, 2017

Assignment – Develop a 5 to 8 Step Social Media Crisis Management Plan for your company/organization.  Note, Social Media Crisis Management Plans cover all aspects of your company/organization’s brand. This is to include any product roll-outs, campaigns and special promotions.  Read Jay’s article.  It is one of the best when it comes to describing why you need this critical document in your Social Media Strategy arsenal, and how to go about developing a very thorough, professional and critical document to assist you with maintaining your brand’s value and image during a social media, marketing or PR crisis.

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