Suggested Books To Read

Below is a list of books you might want to add to your social media arsenal.

I carefully select these books based on content, suggested resources and most importantly whether it is a good read that my students should keep as a part of their professional library. For my professional library, both of these books should be kept as good reference material.

intimate mind sharing
This book is full of real life examples of how companies have integrated social media into their strategic planning process.
Intimate Mind Sharing
Olivier does an excellent job as always with thoroughly explaining how to measure social media ROI. I also suggest you follow his blog for his perspectives on the industry and to continue to learn from this gifted speaker and author.
Author Joe McCormack tackles the challenges of inattention, interruptions, and impatience that every professional faces. His proven B.R.I.E.F. approach, which stands for Background, Relevance, Information, Ending, and Follow up, helps simplify and clarify complex communication. BRIEF will help you summarize lengthy information, tell a short story, harness the power of info-graphics and videos, and turn monologue presentations into controlled conversations.