Adventure 212: Social Marketing Platforms (Soft ROI, Hard ROI) – Bridget Hesselberg


One of the main priorities of Adventure 212 is to become a well-known health and wellness resource and educate community members of the Portage County area regarding their personal fitness goals and health needs. In order to serve this purpose, utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are essential in building relations to the community via networking online.

  • Engage more users with the Adventure 212 pages on social media platforms
  • Increase productivity with staff and marketing team
  • Increase number of memberships and daily passes to fitness center

The tools used for the social media platforms include money spent on post boosts and sponsored articles and the time dedicated by the marketing team. The results may be observed and quantified with the Soft ROI and Hard ROI descriptions below:

Soft ROIs observed:
  • Increase in positive page reviews and enhanced reputation of Facebook
  • Increased productivity as well as morale of marketing team/staff of Adventure 212
  • Increase word of mouth advertising
  • Higher traffic in Adventure 212 facility overall
Hard ROIs via Google Analytics and Facebook Insights:
  • Promotional costs – 2016
    • Content Value (User-Generated Content)
      • 481 sponsored articles/posts on both social media platforms for the year 2016 with total content value of $3,640
        • $3,640 / 481 = individual value of $7.57 to sponsor articles/posts
    • Total cost of investment: $3,640
    • Total gain of investment: $4,479.39
      • $39.99 membership * 61 new members = $2,439.39
      • $10.00 daily pass * 204 daily passes purchased = $2,040
    • ROI: (4,479.39 – 3,640)/3,640 = 0.2306 * 100 = 23.06% increase on investment
  • Increased Facebook page visits
    • Last year (2015): 1,039
    • Current (2016): 2,493
  • Increased social media followers
    • Facebook
      • Last year (2015): 688
      • Current (2016): 1,034
    • Instagram
      • Last year (2015): 75
      • Current (2016): 209


The Soft and Hard ROIs integrate together and provide positive financial results if executed successfully. In the case of Adventure 212, the social media strategies were successful in bringing forth more traffic for the facility, increasing engagement on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, and increasing productivity with the staff and/or marketing team.

The goal for 2017 is to increase the number of sponsored posts and articles, which will in turn increase the soft ROIs we’ve observed with the 2016 results. We also hope to explore new ways to promote Adventure 212 and expand our services starting with health-focused campaigns and deals on memberships.


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