Father Fats Social Media Crisis Plan




A Social Media Crisis Plan has been set in place to ensure all social media issues involving Father Fats are resolved in a respectful, timely, and appropriate manner. Any social media crisis and/or negative comments involving Father Fats should be managed by one or all of the following Social Media Crisis Team:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Front of House Manager
  • Owner of Father Fats

Social Media Crisis Plan:

  • Acknowledge There Is a Problem:

Recognize there is a crisis occurring—the sooner the situation is resolved, the better.

  • Listen to the Issue:

Make sure the issue is understood and we know exactly what happened and how it was handled at the time. We want to make sure we are addressing what is needed to address.

  • Apologize:

If a customer is upset for a valid reason, be sure to apologize and ensure Father Fats will take action if necessary.

  • Be Transparent:

Be honest and upfront about any issues Father Fats may be facing. If we made a mistake, we need to admit it and correctit.

  • Respond Thoughtfully:

Put effort into writing a thoughtful reply intended to address the customers’ concerns.

Social Media Crisis Plan Tips:

  • Brainstorm Expected Negative Feedback and Responses:

Generate some ‘ready’ or set-in-stone responses that can be used as foundational material to issue a timely, personalized response.

  • For More Problematic Comments:

Any employee can text the Front of House Manager at any time if a situation arises, especially after normal businesshours. The Front of House Manager or Owners of Father Fats will craft the response and they have the final approval.

  • Never Delete a Negative Comment:

This could anger the commenter even more and it could make Father Fats look like we have something to hide.

  • Be Authentic and Validate the Customer When Appropriate:

If the complaint is fair and the facts arecorrect, validate the customers experience and let them know we are taking action. Always be sure to thank the commenter for bringing the issue to our attention.

  • Clear the Air:

Gently correct information that is not true. However, do not be a jerk. Father Fats doesn’t use sarcasm or superiority.

  • Debrief:

Determine any improvements that can be made to the crisis process. Ask questions such as:

  1. How long did the comment linger before the social media team or employees discovered it?
  2. How long did it take for the crisis team to respond to the comment?
  3. How did each member of the social media crisis team perform?
  4. If any missteps were made, how can they be avoided next time?
  5. Could the crisis have been avoided in the first place?








  1. Hey Allie,

    I agree, in that I like how your Social Media Crisis Plan is simple, easy to understand and put into effect and straight to the point. When dealing with unruly customers or unhappy people, its nice to have a plan that everyone understands and is able to put into effect efficiently and easily. I like how you added in a “Brainstorm Expected Negative Feedback and Responses” because most likely a lot of complaints and problems can be solved with an easy “generic” response making it quick to reply to certain comments. I also like how you added in a “debrief” section because then you can look at ways the company as a whole can make improvements!


  2. Hey Allie!

    Awesome job! Overall, I feel as if your Social Media Crisis Plan is very, simple, clear and to the point, which makes it easy for employees to understand and take action. I liked how you added “Social Media Crisis Plan Tips,” as I feel the tips you included are very helpful. The “debrief” section is very important. I see the importance of being able to debrief after a crisis occurred, not only to try to make improvements, but also it gives employees a chance to provide feedback or bring up any questions or concerns.

    Great job!


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