The National Wellness Institute Social Media Crisis Plan



The NationalWellness Institute Social Media Crisis Plan



The National Wellness Institutes’ Communication Manager should handle all social media crisis by utilizing the Media Crisis plan to ensure all issues are resolved in a timely, calm and effective manner. By doing so, the National Wellness Institute can ensure that its members and staff are being represented in a positive light through its social media sites.




The first thing to do is acknowledge that there is a social media crisis occurring. Make sure the social media manager is keeping a close eye on comments, posts and its members content posted on the social media sites. The sooner you can identify an issue, the sooner it can be resolved and taken care of in an appropriate manner. If someone posts that they are upset with a product or service ACKNOWLEGDE that they have posted and respond with something such as, “yes, we realized something has happened.” Simply by recognizing and ACKNOWLEDGING that there was an issue can make someone feel like their complaints are being heard.


Once you have acknowledged that there is an issue, IDENTIFY exactly what the issue is. If someone has a problem with a product, note what happened and ask what you can do to resolve the issue. If there was a problem with a specific service provided, make sure to note which person they had dealt with initially and resolve whatever problem they might have had with the service. By IDENTIFYING the issue, you are able to make a further game plan of how to resolve that issue .


One important thing to remember is to be apologetic and sorry for any mishap that may have happened because of the National Wellness Institute. If the wrong product was sent or a service was provided poorly, make sure to apologize for what went wrong to ensure that we have returning customers who are happy. When you apologize, you are more likely to have a calmer customer than when you seem uninterested or not concerned with their complaint.


This may seem obvious but make sure to respond on the site in which the complain was posted. If, for example, someone posted a negative review or complaint on Facebook, respond to it on Facebook. The circle around and respond in other venues where others may have picked up on the crisis. By doing this, we can ensure that the initial crisis is taken care of and then can clean up back lash that follows.

  1. TONE

Make sure the TONE of your response aligns with the National Wellness Institutes tone in general, but also appropriate tone demanded by the situation. If you can be lighthearted about the incident, be lighthearted. If it’s a serious issue, respond in a serious TONE.


In almost every situation, TRANSPARENCY is best. Not only should you acknowledge any mistake the National Wellness Institute may have made, but also show that you are trying to deal with the situation or issue in an honest way. Make sure to openly broadcast any and all steps you are taking to resolve the problem to ensure a happy customer and to show that the National Wellness Institute cares about its customers as well.


Many of the situation may be able to be addressed online but if not things may need to be handled offline. Social media crisis management isn’t about winning, its about managing. Some people may be angry enough that you will never be able to convince them of anything. Keyboard allow us to spit back information quickly without thinking when we are upset and sometimes the best course of action may be to provide a phone number or email address and encourage the person to contact you further that way. Not only will you better be able to assess the situation on a more personal level but also allow the rest of the community to take notice that you went the extra mile to resolve the situation.

    8. RULE OF 3

Never send a third reply. At that point it is an argument, not an answer. On the third reply, you should take it offline.


By following these steps in a social media crisis, the National Wellness Institute can be assured that all issues with be addressed in a timely manner and that all situations will be dealt with in a similar fashion keeping to the high standard of the National Wellness Institute.



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