SPYMCA Content Calendar for July 2017

With July coming, we will mainly be focusing the first half of the month on our annual duathlon in Stevens Point, which includes both the kids’ duathlon on July 14th and regular duathlon on July 15th. The schedule after July 15th will be post-duathlon activity/results of event and back to normal procedures with every other day meetings/activities.

Entire schedule layout for July 2017 in PDF file:

SPYMCA July 2017 Content Calendar

Edited Point Duathalon


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  1. Rodel,

    Your calendar is clear, concise, and very well organized. I like that you color coded it to add another touch! I think with an organization like the YMCA, it is probably best to create a calendar month by month considering all of the events that are hosted and changing. In your meetings, what is discussed about social media? When you say the topic is ‘Duathlon’, does that mean you are discussing how you will present that on social media? Just curious. Otherwise, nice job!


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