R’Acres Organic Produce Social Media Content Calendar


R’Acres Organic Produce Social Media Calendar is meant to be used as a guide for weekly post primarily during the intense production and harvesting seasons which are roughly March-October. During the off months of November-February there will likely only be about 2-4 post per month since there are not many events taking place and production comes to a halt. The few post that occur during this time frame will primarily be updates regarding the up-coming seasons planning process and farm construction that takes place during the off months.

R’Acres is only planning on using Facebook and their website for on-line media at this time. All content will be monitored through the social aggregate tools Google Alerts and Facebook Analytics at this time for monitoring.

The Social Media Manager will be responsible for the following suggested weekly items during the busy production and harvest seasons:

  • Update upcoming events on the website and Facebook (farm tours, cooking demos, what local restaurants are using R’Acres produce for, etc)
  • Share what produce is being produced and harvested weekly
    • What will be available at Farmer’s Market and in CSA boxes
    • Ideas/recipes on how to use available produce
    • How plants are being managed (planted, weeded, mulched, trellised, insect treated, irrigated, etc)
  • Share which weekly Farmer’s Markets R’Acres will be attending and update CSA customers on any changes in weekly drop-offs
  • Create and share the weekly newsletter which historically always contains the following 3 components:
    • “Did you know? ”
    • “What’s new this week”
    • Farm photo
  • Respond to Facebook and website post and e-mail correspondence
  • Share a weekly video of farm event on Facebook and website

HWP-690 Social Calendar

 Julie Schmitz images created by juliephilipp@gmail.com




  1. Cara
    Wow! First, awesome and professional introduction to your team as to why you are introducing the use of a social media calendar. Second, I love everything after the following paragraph:

    “The Social Media Manager will be responsible for the following suggested weekly items during the busy production and harvest seasons:” I also like how you included, on your calendar clear instructions for posting and most importantly, engaging “replying,” to your online community.

    Mic Drop!


  2. I love this social media calendar. The consistency will be nice for viewers to know what to anticipate of the media content and know it as a reliable resource. Ideas and recipes on how to use produce always gets good response, as it is surprising how many people really aren’t sure how or what to do with some produce. I find that video’s attract a lot of attention and new viewers. There must be some magic behind posted videos 🙂 Good work on your calendar, looks like a successful one!


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