PC CAN Social Media Calendar

For too long, PC CAN has been putting things onto Facebook and Instagram without a plan. We log in to Facebook and Instagram, Share and post things manually and do not use a calendar.

After reading some resources and looking at the way some larger companies created their calendars, I thought that a GoogleDrive document would make the most sense. There is so much content to share! I made the outline of the yearly calendar, and completed the July content. This framework can serve to provide content organization for the year. I also broke the sections up into 3 “semesters” as we generally have student help for social media– and each content block can be created by the student.

You can view the calendar here: PC CAN Social Media Calendar

This calendar has several tabs with different information. Some of it still needs organization. The May-August tab has the most updated content.

Also included is a PDF “guiding document” with a more general overview of the calendar guidelines.

In addition, I created a Hootsuite and Everypost account. I am working with the social media team to determine which service will make the most sense for our purpose.

social media calendar guiding document



1 Comment

  1. Kelly
    Great idea to use Google Calendar as an ongoing calendar that can be easily updated by other team members and most importantly, “monitored.” This is using social media strategically (how to get a project off the ground) while thinking critically (the overall picture)

    Also, including a universal digital document such as a PDF to accompany the cloud format of Google Calendar is total Mic Drop!


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