Healthy People of Wood County Social Media Content Calendar


Healthy People of Wood County social media content calendar is designed to be updated monthly and to be used as a guide for posting on social media. Each month will follow the same schedule, but will vary depending upcoming events. All content will be scheduled, organized, and monitored through Hootsuite. Facebook, Instagram and Wood County Health Department website will be the primary social media platforms that will be utilized. These platforms will contain current and new updates and upcoming events.

Healthy People of Wood County will send out a monthly newsletter on the last day of each month, which will include relevant and interesting information, statistics, pictures from community events, and different recommendations for nutrition, recipes,and physical activity.

Social Media Content Calendar







  1. Hi! I’m curious if you have already started a monthly newsletter. We have had one on and off and I’m struggling to start it again. I just don’t know if it’s worth the time investment. Curious if you have any insight!

    Nice job! Thanks!


  2. Brittney,

    Your monthly newsletter sounds very enjoyable to read. I feel that sometimes newsletters only contain spam and unhelpful or unwanted information that is just a bother to receive. In addition to that, I like that you stated what you are specifically going to post to Facebook, and that it is consistent. Your social media updates seem just as relevant and enjoyable to keep an eye out for, as your newsletter does. I don’t see any issues here!


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