Aspirus Social Media Calendar

Aspirus will follow the below general social media content calendar to show overall what content we are publishing for the general audience. Each month of the year will follow this same schedule for the content that is not program specific, including a variety of content, photo’s, video’s, and Aspirus sponsored event. If there is a specific program that is taking place, they will create their own specific content calendar for their needs.

Aspirus will not be utilizing curate content as we have a vast  employee population that are content experts on a plethora of health topics. We will be using Buffer or  Hootsuite  to distribute content across media platforms and allow multiple users to post with the Community Manager overseeing and approving all content.

Aspirus 2017 Content Calendar


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  1. Hi Ashley,
    I like the idea that the any events that are taking place in Aspirus, they will provide their own calendar. I think it’s a good idea for a content calendar to have a schedule of the postings, as you’ve mentioned that the calendar will roughly follow the same schedule each month. This gives the community, Aspirus members, and employees a general idea of what to expect. Nicely done!


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