UWSP Track and Field and Cross Country Social Media Policy


In today’s society social media feels like a must to many organizations. It is an effective and efficient way to reach a large audience with current information. It is important to keep post positive and professional. A slightly offensive post can make or break connections and followers. It is vital for all companies to have a social media policy to make it clear to all employees and followers the guidelines of the use of social media. UW-Stevens Point Track and Field/Cross Country intends to use social media to keep fans, alumni, parents, and so on up to date on all of the current statistics and activities of the teams as well and increase the fan-base and help recruit future Pointer Track and Field athletes.


Be Professional: All posts should use business etiquette, proper english and grammar, and professionalism. There will be zero tolerance for inappropriate language and thoughts posted through the UWSP Track and Field/Cross Country pages.


Don’t attack: The posts of UWSP Track and Field/Cross Country pages will never attack another team, person, school, or any other community group or idea. All posts of UWSP will be used in a positive matter to speak of UWSP/track and field related items.


Be Respectful: All posted should show respect for anyone mentioned in the post and to all reading the post. No posts should have disrespectful images, comments, or statements.


Respond to Disrespect, Respectfully: If a viewer comments or responds in a negative/disrespectful manner, do not respond in the same matter. Any disrespectful comments should be logged in a file (username, comment, date) and removed from social media or responded to in a respectful way.


Don’t Get Personal: Social media posting/sharing/commenting will NOT be done from personal equipment(cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.). Posts need to be made from office computers and tablets to avoid accidental posts intended for other accounts. Posts should not include personal thoughts or opinions. All posts should reflect the reputation of the team, community, and university.


Make Every Post Count: There should not be excessive posting, and every post should be made in a timely fashion.


Get Permission: Every copyrighted image, thought, or business should have permission to be used in a post. If permission is not granted some posts can be made using creative commons.


Creative Commons: All pictures used, ideas/thoughts, etc. credit must be given to the owner within the post. Creative commons are encouraged throughout our pages. If any outside source chooses to use our information, we require credit to be given to our page. Sharing posts is encouraged.


Post the Truth: All post made will use truthful information. No posts will be made based on rumors or hearsay. All posts need to have the facts checked before publishing.


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  1. Taylor,

    Your post is very simple, yet very effective. I like that it is easy to read and understand. I also really like your second point — I find it creative and important for a university. I’m not sure I would have came up with that on my own! I’ve read all of your posts so far and they are always short, sweet, and well done.


  2. Taylor,
    Awesome! Bold points to drive home the importance. Short and succinct. I especially liked the following policies, 2 (awesome) 3, 4 (good point), 5 and the last policy. Mic Drop!


  3. Hi Taylor,
    I really like that you made this simple and easy yet it hits on the main points. Calling out specifically that employees need to post the truth is great! Do you think there would be benefit to saying that they can or can’t access the companies social media pager from their personal devices?
    Wonderful job!


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