The National Wellness Institutes Social Media Policy’s



The National Wellness Institute
Social Media Policy’s

Many of the staff and members apart of the National Wellness Institute are passionate about the information shared through the NWI website and blog. Our employees and members are the reason that the National Wellness Institute is so successful and we continue to strive to spread the most up to date information about all things health and wellness. In today’s society, social media is the main platform in which NWI shares information with its members and a wider audience but it is our employees responsibility to make sure the information shared is appropriate. To maintain the highest quality of information shared through all of our social media platforms, the following guidelines must be followed in order to ensure the integrity, quality and care for our NWI members.

1. Employees are allowed to associate themselves with the company when posting but they must clearly brand their online posts as personal and purely their own. The company should not be held liable for any repercussions the employees’ content may generate.

2. Dishonorable content such as racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and physical disability slurs are not tolerated.
3. Employees are not allowed to disclose information that are financial, operational and legal in nature, as well as any information that pertains to clients and customers.

4. Always respect your audience and be sure to set an example with your conduct in the conversations in which you are participating.

5. Always identify yourself using your own name. Under no circumstance whatsoever is the use of pseudonyms or false names advisable. Transparency and honesty are values of the National Wellness Institute and its members. Be sure to update your digital profile on an ongoing basis to ensure that it always reflects reality.
6. Make sure that your social media accounts, Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, youtube, Instagram, ect. reflect you in an appropriate manner that represents the National Wellness Institute well.
7. When disagreement happens, remember to keep your posts appropriate and polite. If a situation gets out of hand, go to your supervisor of manager for help.
8. Keep your personal life to yourself. Remember that you are a representative of the National Wellness Institute and that all personal pictures should be kept that way.
9. Separate your work and personal life. Make sure that you are using your National Wellness Institute accounts for business and not for personal use.
10. Make sure you are keeping confidentiality when talking to clients and members of the National Wellness Institute.

For more information about the National Wellness Institute’s Social Media Guidelines, please contact Baihly Birdseye at


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  1. Baihly,
    Mic Drop. Really nice policy. Bold the areas that you really want to be a good easy and succinct read. I particularly liked the following points: 6, 7 ( really good one. Asking them to get with a supervisor is a good idea. Also, suggest that they take the conversation off line and while getting a supervisor. Do not engage in negativity while online in the community and especially under the umbrella of the brand. also number 8 and 10 are good points.


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