SPYMCA Social Media Policy – Rodel Magtanong

The goal of the Stevens Point YMCA’s use and participation in social media (Facebook, YouTube, and our website currently) is to enhance our connections and relations with the general public to educate on what there is to offer, such as our programs, events, sports, volunteer opportunities, and more. All social media online related to the YMCA and our staff are direct reflections to our organization in what we stand for. Thus, these guidelines have been developed to protect you and any YMCA; this applies to regular staff and volunteers. They are not meant to restrict  communication but to be a guide and to prevent any risks from becoming problems.

Notice: due to the constant growth and change of social media, these guidelines are subject to revision by the YMCA.

Usage Policies

All YMCA staff are required to sign the YMCA Code of Conduct upon hiring. Any posting to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) that violate the YMCA Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action, such as suspension and/or termination of employment.

You may use social media in one of two ways: personal use for own entertainment, or corporate use to benefit the organization. With this policy, guidelines are covered for both personal and corporate use.



Personal Use
  • You are personally responsible for any content that you post online to any social media; your content and your conduct reflect the YMCA.
  • Staff are encouraged to create and maintain personal internet/social networking sites during non-work hours using equipment that does not belong to the YMCA.
  • If posting content about YMCA-related business on personal social media or site, make it clear that you are speaking only for yourself and not on the behalf of the YCMA.
  • Any personal websites or social media that identify you as a YMCA staff member should not sabotage/threaten the mission, vision, values, and purpose of the YMCA.

Video and Photography

  • To promote the interests of the YMCA and for your protection, we urge YMCA of the Triangle employees to refrain from posting personal photographs or video of children under the age of 18, including YMCA staff, who are engaged in YMCA programs.

Communication with Minors (<18 years of age)

  • For your protection, we urge YMCA staff to refrain from participating in 1-on-1 relationships (Facebook friend,  Instagram follower, etc.) with children and teens on social media. Staff may interact with children and teens through official YMCA groups, but not to initiate any type of outside communication with children under the age of 18 without the permission of a parent.
  • Responses to children/teen-initiated communications should be limited to responses that are YMCA-related. 1-on-1 communications with minors (e.g. commenting on teen’s Facebook post) are discouraged at all times.

Personal Blogs and Social Networking Pages

  • For your protection, remember when you publish your opinions on a blog or social media site, you are legally responsible for your commentary. Bloggers should exercise caution with use of language, copyright, and obscenity.
  • All YMCA of the Triangle employees are required to sign the YMCA Code of Conduct. Blogs that violate the YMCA Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action, such as suspension and/or termination of employment.
Corporate Use

All Websites and Public Pages/Blogs

  • Must be approved by Marketing & Communications, your Branch Communications Director and/or Associate Branch Director/Branch Director.
  • All websites, pages, and blogs must use the Y logo (permitted by Y-USA Y Brand Standards), and link to http://www.ymcatriangle.org.

All Private Pages/Blogs

  • Must be approved by your Branch Communications Director and/or Associate Branch Director/Branch Director.
  • Other than the main Association, branches and program pages, all sites, pages, and blogs should be password-protected/closed.
  • Must provide Branch Communications Director and your Branch and/or Associate Branch Director with user names and passwords and administrative access.


  • All content must be timely, clear and correct, reflect the YMCA’s mission, vision, values, and purpose, and lastly respect copyright laws with referencing/citing sources properly.
  • Names and locations that could identify minors (under the age of 18) are not permitted in the content of the site.

Video and Photography

  • All photos and videos must be accompanied by the YMCA of the Triangle photo/video waiver. All waivers are to be completed, signed and returned to the YMCA’s Marketing & Communications Department.
  • Large photo albums (especially those with minors) should not be shared on public/open pages
  • All videos intended for public YMCA channels must be pre-approved by Marketing & Communications prior to posting; failure to meet expectation will result in video removal immediately
  • All videos posted to YouTube must be uploaded by the Marketing & Communications Department


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Revised June 18, 2017



  1. Clear, concise and thoughtfully written. Good job, Del! A social media policy like this is definitely applicable to the YMCA.


  2. Hey Del,
    Great policy! I like how you added video and photography. I think that is really important and personally didn’t think to include that in my policy. I think the policy is very clear and easy to read. I can see how important a social media policy can be especially for a place like the YMCA.


  3. This is very interesting to read! You included a lot more in there than just social media. I’m wondering if you would like to add more to the social media section now, after reading the class posts and learning more about this? I think overall it’s a good policy and clearly well thought-out.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Rodel,
    Mic Drop! Excellent use of headers to differentiate/highlight the important sections of the social media policy. I like that you added use of video, very important. Good job. also, especially with it being the YMCA, Communication with Minors is another good section and Content — Overall this is well thought out and clear to the reader, no misunderstanding of the policy. Excellent.


  5. Rodel, your content was clear and well organized. I am sure that social media guidelines and policies are heavily looked at when working for a YMCA. Many youth and families who are members of the YMCA love the staff their and want to be connected with them. Making sure that there isn’t any inappropriate usage and connection between youth and adults is crucial! Having a clear and concise policy can help the staff to not feel guilty when declining “friends” on Facebook. Also, social media can help to share the stories of the YMCA members and including their stories via the social media route often tugs on my heart strings. Making sure these stories are posted by the Y and making all comments personally responsible is wise of you to include. Well done!


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