SPYMCA Iron Athlete Challenge Plans (Soft ROI & Hard ROI) – Rodel Magtanong

Last Year’s (2016) Rules, Fees, and Investments:


This Challenge is based on Ironman distances of 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run, which athletes complete in a single day. Here at the Y, we have taken the ideals of the Ironman and combined it with the workout possibilities offered each day. Participants have six weeks (beginning 6/11/16 and ending 7/23/16) to complete the Challenge. Ironman distances combined with a Y mentality makes for a great workout plan!


Members are welcome to participate in relay teams of up to 3 people. Each team will have one recording sheet. Please turn in one (1) registration form with your team name. All participants must sign the waiver, and fee must be paid in full by start date


  • All participants in relay teams must complete at least 30 miles, run, bike or swim combined.
  • We encourage you to try something new, but if you are uncomfortable with swimming or running, you can replace those miles with other activities.
  • Participants must log workouts within 24 hours to allow accurate standings each week. Please include the time you finished your workout.
  • Participants may work out together and record individual miles.
  • To achieve the 26.2 mile run:
    Participants can run outside or on the treadmill, attend a land fitness class, use the elliptical, rower, AMT or walk.
  • To achieve the 112 mile bike:
    Participants can bike in or outdoor or attend a spin class.
  • To achieve the 2.4 mile swim:
    Participants may attend a water exercise class, swim, attend a land fitness class, or use cardio machines.

Registration Fees:

  • Individual                  $16
  • 2 Person Relay        $32
  • 3 Person Relay        $48

*$16 per person*

YMCA Employees: 50% off listed fees


Each participant who complete the distances by the end date will receive a t-shirt. Once we determine all qualifying participants, t-shirts will be ordered and available at Member Services beginning of August.

The individual male, female, and relay team to complete the distances first will receive an award.

Investments and End Results of 2016
  • Number of Facebook likes: 2759
    • Number of shares for advertisement: 12 shares
  • Cost of Investment (advertisements, promotions, rewards, etc): $1500
  • Number of Participants: 113
    • 95 YMCA members, 18 YMCA Employees
  • Gain from Investment:
    • YMCA Members: 95*$16 = $1520
    • Employees 18*$8 = $144
    • Total = $1664
  • ROI: (1664-1500)/1500 = .1093 * 100 = 10.93% increase on investment

Goals for this Year (2017)

Hard ROI

  • Increased number of participants, including revenue gained
  • Higher website and Facebook traffic
  • Increased time spent on website and Facebook advertisement
  • Increased number of views of Facebook advertisement
  • More Facebook page fans/likes

Soft ROI

  • Improved company morale
  • Increased word-of-mouth advertising
  • Optimized use of resources in online ads (Facebook) and in-person ads (brochures)
  • Increased participant satisfaction
  • Increased employee participation
  • Expose challenge/ads to newer, potential partcipants

Amount to Invest this Year: $1500

What to measure:

  • Number of current facebook fans/likes (2854 likes)
  • Number of upcoming shares, comments and likes on facebook ad
  • Number of upcoming emails to staff of questions for challenge
  • Number of daily visitors/views of facebook page and website

Plans for this Year for Possible Higher ROI:

  • Keep rules the same, been same for past several years
  • Introduce same and new awards (from feedback of last year)
  • Introduce newer methods of discount for everyone, besides YMCA employees, to get more total participants
    • E.g. Instead of $16 per person always, introduce discounts for every added teammate:
      • Individual                  $16
      • 2 Person Relay        $30 ($15 per person)
      • 3 Person Relay        $42 ($14 per person)
  • Add $10 membership promotion for non-members that sign up for challenge to get new members and more participants for challenge
  • Promote challenge at any other YMCA event and at front desk, other than just facebook, website, and brochures/posters
  • With promotions and other new ideas, by end of event, hope to achieve:
    • More facebook page likes/fans: 2854 likes to 2870 likes; 16 more likes
    • More facebook ad shares: 12 shares to 20 shares; 8 more shares
    • Increased revenue from fee discounts but more participants
    • Added membership to YMCA by introducing promotion to non-members


  1. To be honest, I thought this was going to be a hit or miss if I understood ROI correctly, but glad to hear good feedback, thanks everyone!


  2. Seeing ROI(s) in an event/campaign has helped me to understand the differences between Soft and Hard ROI(s) as well as numerically understanding return on investment in real time. You access and knowledge related to numbers and dollars in regards to this event are clear and concise, which are reflected in the rest of your post. Your post was very organized and easy to follow. If this in fact is a real event and the numbers you have posted are real, the YMCA is lucky to have you and your knowledge!


  3. Rodel,
    THIS IS EXCELLENT! I would pay for this type of information from a consultant on a social media campaign. Excellent graphic. Attractive post. And one with great information for anyone wanting to volunteer, donate or be a board member. Mic Drop!


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