Social Media Strategy for Healthy People of Wood County


The Wood County Health Department’s overall mission is to optimize health and maximize the quality of life across the lifespan for all people and communities of Wood County through our leadership and collaborations, focusing on health promotion and prevention and social conditions necessary to advance physical, mental and social well-being. The Healthy People of Wood County has been using social media to connect with the online community. The current social media efforts are primarily through our Facebook page, Recreate Health. The main goals of using social media is to reach more community members, increase awareness, to increase program and event participation, and to inform community members about initiatives and different ways to improve their health.

Soft ROI{s}

  • Increase word of mouth advertising
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase awareness of health and wellness

Hard ROI{s}

  • Increase number of Facebook followers from 448 followers to 800 followers
  • Increase number of event and Facebook page hashtags
  • Increase time spent on our Facebook page – Recreate Health
  • Increase number of social media mentions
  • Increase program and event participation

Hootsuite will be used to collect, measure and analyze data for our hard ROI{s}. Although our primary social media efforts are through using Facebook, we intend to expand our social media networks in the near future. Hootsuite will be able to manage all of our social media marketing efforts. Using Hootsuite will help us measure how our Facebook page is performing and different trends that develop. Hootsuite will also help us gain more traffic on our Facebook page which will help us increase our program and event participation rates.

Search Engine Marketing will help our organization gain exposure and reach a larger audience, which will help increase our ROI{s} and overall community engagement.




  1. Your soft and hard ROI’s align well with the mission of Wood County Health Department. You created a ROI strategy in a very simple, but effective manner. In what ways will you expand your social media networks in the future? Different social media sites work best for different organizations so I am curious which you will be expanding to. Great work. This was very easy to read and understand. I also like the picture you added!


  2. I liked how you simplified your goals and included both short-term and long-term. Reading these also made me wonder how to add a monetary value to hard ROI goals…I will likely return to my blog post and try and simplify my strategy! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Kudos! Your ROI projects are projections for your campaign are excellent. I would make one suggestion, you do not need to increase the time spent on a social media network. You need to know how to maximize the time spent on the network to ensure you are meeting your goals and objections for the campaign, this includes Hard ROI. Otherwise, this is good!


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