ROIs and Strategies to help catch them!

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UW-Stevens Point Track and Field and Cross Country Programs have been using social media with the strategy of connecting to alumni, fans, and future Pointers. This has brought on three different types of goals that we intend to strive with success. Social media is an easy way to connect to numerous people all at the same time. It is the hope that we can help attain donations and support from alumni, keep the support and fan-base informed of current statistics and activities, and help recruiting future Pointer Track and Field athletes through social media efforts as well as other efforts. The current social media efforts are being made primarily through Facebook. It will be ideal to implement the addition of use with Twitter and Instagram as well. This is my first year with the social media platform, so there is no past data.


ROIs intended for observation in 2017-2018:
Soft ROIs:

  • Increase word of mouth team successes
  • Increase positive athlete and coach morale as well as social media managers
  • Increase types and ways of advertising the team


Hard ROIs:

  • Increased number of Facebook followers from 396 followers to 700
  • Get a minimum of 1,000 Instagram and Twitter followers
  • Increased number of social mentions
  • Increased use of hashtags
  • Increased number of shares, retweets, or reposts



The statistics for the Hard ROIs will be collected using Social Mention as this will help keep track of popular reposts, top keywords, and favored hashtags. ROIs are important to measure to keep track of things that are working and areas to improve. The statistical data will help give the social media manager an idea of what marketing efforts work for the perceived audience.


Search Engine Marketing advantages: Social Mention and Hootsuite are search engine marketing sites that will help us not only collect data for our Hard ROIs they will help us earn more site traffic, will promote our information at specific and crucial times geared towards the audience engagement and support.


Current Facebook Strategies: The UWSP Track and Field/Cross Country pages are used to help keep the public informed of where the teams are competing, their level of success, the extra activities, etc. of the team to help create a community interest in the team. During recruiting strategies we ask prospective athletes to follow our social media platforms to stay up to date on how the team is doing, what they are up to, and etc. to help gain an interest from all. We hope the interest will help gain support in many ways including financially. Donations are a big part of a successful program as this allow for more equipment, coaching, traveling expenses, and etc.



Taylor Cipicchio



  1. Coming from a former athlete (I must call myself former and retired, sad 🙂 ) this post was enjoyable to read through. The sport of track and field and cross county produces a lot of athletes/alumni, which is “no brainer”. But, I am wondering if this is a lofty goal of “Increased number of Facebook followers from 396 followers to 700.” You would know best, as this is your expertise and clientele, but that seems like a big jump over a short period of time. Also, it may be helpful if you list the current Instagram and twitter followers so that your Hard ROI(s) have a baseline number to jump from. This may be easier said than done, but maybe just some suggestions for when the final paper comes to see if you can find those numbers.

    Otherwise, this looks like a fun a rewarding experience being able to connect with current and former athletes via social media. I know how often I use social media to connect with my former teammates and coaches, that having a formal location to connect is guaranteed to be useful!


  2. HI,
    Love the Current Facebook Strategies section of your post.And your understanding of the importance of measuring your Soft ROI with Hard ROI projections are spot on. Just a thought, consider adding a HARD ROI projection that would track the number of donations (future) that are a result of your SOFT ROI efforts. A soft ROI effort to help to increase donations would be to have a GO Fund Me page or A donation page on the web site or A fundraiser ( in real life) Meet and Greet so that people can see and engage with who they are donating monies to.


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