ROI Strategy for PC CAN

Portage County Can is currently in the baby stages of developing a solid marketing and social media strategy. Last year at this time, the organization was on the verge of dissolving. There was general confusion about the ongoing vision and usefulness of the non-profit, and very little going on in terms of new projects.

June 2016:
272 total Facebook Likes
0% page engagement
0 weekly total reach

One year later, we have a team of undergraduate students working on web development for PC CAN and our partner organizations, a social media position, a few new grants and plenty of events and projects in the works.

June 2017:
324 total Facebook Likes
178% engagement
559 weekly total reach

In January of this year, I started collaborating with a UWSP undergraduate student as her independent study supervisor. In the past 6 months, we have been slowing trying out new engagement ideas, strategy options and increasing the amount of posts and engagement that we have.

Now is the perfect time to develop a social media plan and track ROI.

-Undergraduate and graduate student hours in posting, managing and developing strategy
-Less than $50 a year

Goal: Reach more community members with health and wellness messaging and support the events and promotions for partner organizations (Breastfeeding Coalition of Portage County, Fruit and Veggie WORKS, Central Wisconsin Worksite Wellness, Turkey Trot, Activity Workgroup). Increase attendance and engagement with programs and events. The goal of PC CAN is ultimately to empower the nonprofits that are connected to our mission.

A Soft ROI Targets:
Increase engagement of our community members with our social media platforms though:
-Increase in social media mentions
-increase in social media likes
-Word of Mouth advertising
-Articles in the paper

Hard ROI Targets:
-Increase attendance at events (Turkey Trot, Coalition Meetings)
-Increase in organizations that partner with PC CAN
-generate revenue through Turkey Trot and Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Search Engine Marketing:
Currently we are using Google analytics for our website and Facebook Insights for Facebook. I registered PC CAN for HootSuite. They offer a free service that provides basic insights including 3 social profiles, basic analysis, content scheduling and app integration. For a small non-profit, I think the free version will be just fine.

The benefits of SEM for an organization like PCCAN are the ability to reach potential audience members where they are at. This increases our ability as an organization to actively listen to what our audience is saying, and respond promptly. Eventually, we would love for community members, and organizations, to seek us out as an expert in the field for collaboration.



  1. Hi Kelly,

    Awesome post! I like how you included stats from 2016 and 2017 to show the increase in numbers. I am really interested and excited to continue to read your posts. They all seem to be very thorough and informative.


  2. Kelly,

    Again, I am very impressed and interested in your PC CAN assignment. It is really great that the organization noticed social media marketing could be extremely useful to attract attention, which it obviously did. Being able to see the actual numbers is a cool visual. Your ROI’s align well with the vision and aim of the organization and I think if you were to actually keep track of these ROI’s, the organization could benefit even more. Great job!


  3. Kelly,
    Excellent blog post! I love how you added the FB link so that we can have a visual. Visuals help to break up the text and give the readers eyes a rest. Also, you have a very good grasp of what Soft ROI and Hard ROI targets are and how they should be measured. Good job!


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