ROI & SMO – 5Gbenefits Group


To help create a holistic, long-term success, assessing hard and soft ROI’s will help track 5Gbenefits overall health and growth. Hard ROI quantifies measurements that contributes to an organizations success with a definitive dollar figure to help implement a solution. Soft ROI’s measure an increase in strength, customer experience, customer loyalty and satisfaction. Soft ROI focuses on defining success and key performances for an organization’s marketing strategies.

Social Media Campaign-

14th Annual Fish for Kids Fishing Event

5Gbenefits will be using Facebook to advertise the 14th Annual Fish for Kids Fishing Event. The soft ROI will be measured by the event having 150 Facebook member likes, 10 shared posts via Facebook, and an increased number of volunteers for the event from word of mouth. 5Gbenefits hard ROI will be measured by the increased number of Facebook member likes on the 5Gbenefits page, as well as increased number of supporters within the community. This will help increase money and the amount of customers for 5Gbenefits by providing insurance and sales to businesses and organizations within the community and its members. An increased number of 5Gbenefits supporters and followers will generate more website traffic and sales.

With the use of Facebook as 5Gbenefits number one SEM, we will be advertising accomplishments within the company, as well as the benefits of joining 5Gbenefits for community members. Facebook will help promote our products, business efforts, and accomplishments with the hopes of helping business grow.



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