National Wellness Institute Conference (Hard and Soft ROI’s)

Hard and soft ROI are very important to track in order to run a successful social media campaign that benefits a company. Hard ROI’s are the quantitative calculations allowing a company to look at the increase or decrease in things such as the number of supporters, blog mentions, time spent on page, ect.. By doing this, they can determine whether or not they need to alter their ways to reach out to their audience to increase their following. Soft ROI’s are also important to look at as well but are a little more difficult to track than hard ROI’s. Soft ROI’s are things such as an increase in employee productivity, positive company morale and wellbeing, increased word-of-mouth advertising, ect.. These things are also important to a companies success but don’t necessarily have an equation to show an increase or decrease in these areas.

SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN: The National Wellness Conference 2017

Every year, the National Wellness Institute holds its annual Wellness conference which hundreds of wellness professional attend throughout the country. Many, if not all, of the people attending this conference have linkedin accounts that they use to communicate with one another. The wellness community is relatively small with the National Wellness Institute being a major source for a lot of information for professionals in the health and wellness field. With the conference coming up next week, we would like to see how many new followers we get on linkedin as well as compare the number of followers we get from other social media sites we use such as Facebook and twitter. Linkedin is by far the most popular source of social media with the older generation but with many younger people stepping into the health and wellness field, we would like to see if promoting the National Wellness Institute on other forms of social media such as Facebook and twitter caters more to the upcoming professionals in the field.

GOAL: Increase the number of followers on Linkedin to 6,000 and Facebook to 4,000

SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING: The search engine marketing site we would use to compare linkedin with Facebook is hootsuite. Hootsuite can compare multiple media sites giving us easy analytics to look at when deciding with social media platform is going to be best to promote the National Wellness Institute. By using and analyzing the data we can make the best decisions on times to post to certain social media sites and also promote different things based on the audience we are trying to service. By using a search engine market, you can make more informed decisions on which social media sites your audience seems to prefer as well as if people are actually looking at the content you are putting out.