ROI and SMO of Aspirus Community Challenge

To make sure social media tools are worth the time and investment we will be looking at the ROI of each tool being used by our internal marketing department. There are two different types of ROI: soft and hard. The only social media tool being used by Aspirus besides e-mail if Facebook. I will talk about the soft and hard ROI that can be found with it in regards to our Social Media Campaign goals.

Social Media Campaign: Offer a Community Weight Challenge

Goals: Have 300 participants

  1. Facebook
    1. Hosting a Facebook event for the community weight challenge will be considered our soft ROI as we can measure that we have 200 likes. Using Facebook Analytics we can determine detailed information in regards to those who like the Facebook event. From Facebook we will be able to see how many of the community weigh challenge participants joined due to the Facebook event. Our hard ROI would be that more participants are joining due to the Facebook event causing an increase in the money coming in from participant registration. This could also lead to more community members giving their business to Aspirus departments from  introducing our services to the community weigh challenge participants. This ROI could be measured via survey when individuals call to register for other Aspirus services.

A non-social media ROI that we could use is to offer a discount on the community weight challenge through a newspaper ad. Past community weight challenges we’ve offered often drew an older population. Offering a discount in a newspaper will allow us to determine if more people use newspaper or Facebook to learn about Aspirus events. Again the soft ROI would be how many people use the discount ad. The hard ROI would be that we have more community members losing weight through the challenge.

Search Engine Marketing (SMO) are the tools like Facebook analytics that will help us to determine what our measures are to help us determine our ROI. Since Aspirus doesn’t use many social media avenues, we will mainly be using Facebook analytics.ROI



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