5Gbenefits Online Community Manager Intern Position

Social Media Internship




5Gbenefits is one of, if not the fastest growing health insurance and benefits agencies in the state. We coordinate every aspect of your benefits including the health insurance, work comp, voluntary benefits, benefit administration, open enrollment, 401k plans, payroll & taxes, and wellness & safety programs.

We’ve compiled a management team of top business professionals in the state to form a total source solution for corporate benefits. Companies can choose to just do their group health, work comp, etc with 5Gbenefits or maximize their savings/coordination by combining all areas of benefits.

5Gbenefits, LLC has grown to having office locations in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Appleton, Green Bay, and Sheboygan that we own/operate ourselves.

5Gbenefits, LLC also owns other divisions including our innovative 5Gclinics, 5Genrollers, and 5Gadvisors. All of which are geared towards allowing companies with under 500 employees the ability to coordinate their employee benefits in a way to compete with the huge companies.


5GBenefits is seeking a Social Media Marketing Intern. We want to partner with a local student to help them grow their skills as well as create a brand for us.




* Work with video content producers to develop and market new segment ideas. This includes creating material on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

*Monitor 5gbenefit’s social media accounts and offer constructive interaction with users

* Create a prize giveaway campaign

* Provide daily email updates covering new tools, services, marketing strategies that are relevant to our business.

* Present findings to the group on weekly basis

* Other job-related duties or projects as assigned.


* Working knowledge of Photoshop is a plus.

* Must be avid user of social media and understand how each platform functions.

* Must possess solid creative writing skills.

* Strong attention to detail is required.

* Excellent organizational skills.

* Ability to balance, multi-task and prioritize requests and still meet deadlines.

* Must be able to maintain a positive disposition in a fast-paced environment and during demanding times.

* Must be able and willing to take initiative and to problem solve as appropriate within the scope of responsibilities of this position.


* Must be currently enrolled in a college or university.

* No previous work experience required.

* Applicants must have a valid driver’s license


If interested, please send cover letter and resume to drobi242@gmail.com





  1. I think you had a great idea creating a job posting for an intern to help them grow their skills. Interns can bring so much to the table, especially a fresh perspective and news ideas and knowledge. I also liked that you included that no previous work experience was required, which is like the exact opposite of most job postings and may open the doors for a lot of students that don’t have the past work experience. A skill that I thought was really great you added was the ability to take initiative, which I feel is really important.


  2. I am starting to wish that I had taken a similar approach as you have, with an intern. I decided to shoot for the starts and create a position that would be paid, however know that an intern would definitely be where my organization would have started. Students fresh in or out of college have great ideas and are certainly the ones using social media and other marketing avenues at their highest capacity, so hiring one only makes sense. I love that you included video production in your description, as that would have been useful for me to put into my job description to.


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