PC CAN Online Community Management Internship Position AVAILABLE NOW

PC CAN Online Community Management Internship Position

Do you love social media and branding? Are you looking for experience in marketing, social media and community development? Do you have a passion for food and wellness? Want to hear more? Apply for this fantastic position with the Portage County Can Coalition.

ORGANIZATION: Portage County Can, a non-profit health and wellness coalition (PC CAN)


Vision: Portage County is engaged in being the healthiest community in the state.

Mission: Improve the well-being of the Portage County community through the development of partnerships to promote healthy eating and active living.

In 2006, Portage County received a grant to help kids become active. The county needed a community group to work with and Portage County Can was born.

Today, Portage County Can is a network of local individuals and organizations interested in connecting all the good work that’s already happening to make our community healthier. Portage County Can supporters believe that a healthy community enhances the lives of individuals, families, and communities. We believe that walking trails, biking trails, farmers markets, community potlucks, as well as a myriad of other activities going on in the Stevens Point area, improve lives. We believe that a community that emphasizes health will attract quality people and businesses to our community.

Our partner organizations include the Portage County Breastfeeding Coalition, Fruit and Veggie WORKS, Central Wisconsin Worksite Wellness Committee and the Activity Workgroup. PC CAN functions to support these coalitions as a fiscal agent, through social and traditional marketing, and volunteer organization. This network of unique, yet health-focused coalitions creates a singular opportunity to reach community members from all backgrounds and support healthy living in our community.

Portage County Can aims to support individuals and organizations that take action to increase physical activity and healthy food choices. Moving more and eating better, even without weight loss, can reduce the risks of chronic diseases and the cost to our community. We provide ways for Portage County to network and support organizations that want to create environments that empower us all to be move more and eat well.


Portage County Can is looking to hire an online Community Management Intern to lead the social media efforts of PC CAN and associated coalition groups. PC CAN aspires to be an online hub for Portage County community health and wellness. The community management intern will be the voice behind PC CAN’s social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and our blog. A successful candidate will engage with our audience and provide timely, accurate and interesting content about health and wellness, as well as promote upcoming events in the Portage County area that feature local food, nutrition, or activity. Examples include community walk/run, farmers’ market events, and partner events. This position will also be part promoting and support Stevens Point Community Turkey Trot, which is PC CAN’s premier engagement event. We strive to be a leader in nutritional health, while appealing to an audience diverse in income, background and culture.


  • Work closely with PC CAN marketing team and web development team
  • Manage the day-to-day outreach on Facebook, Pinterest and through the website
  • Manage calendar of events and promote health and wellness activities in Portage County
  • Participate in coalition partners’ community events and programs, including Farmers’ Market promotions and Breastfeeding Coalition events to take photos, videos and promote the work being done
  • Track engagement and ROI of outreach and share at Steering Committee Meetings
  • Help develop long-term social media strategy for PC CAN
  • Schedule and maintain monthly themed postings on health and wellness
  • Attend all PC CAN steering committee meeting and working group meetings as needed
  • Stay up-to-date with health information, community events and current programs


  • Associates degree or at least 2 years of a bachelor’s degree in degree in business, marketing, communication, public relations or related field
  • Computer skills including, but not limited to, MS Office, Google Docs, Adobe or other design software and mobile software
  • Excellent communication skills and attention to detail
  • Willing to work independently (self-motivated) and to work as part of a team


  • Customer service skills
  • Interest in nutrition, health, physical activity and community development
  • Experience managing social media for a non-profit or for-profit organization in a school or professional setting


A small stipend is offered for this position.


Please send a resume and cover letter to Kelly.e.hammond@uwsp.edu

PC CAN is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community. Students and minorities are encouraged to apply.



  1. I have lived in Stevens Point my whole life and yet I have never heard of Portage County Can! Maybe a Community Management Intern is exactly what is needed to get the information out a bit more (although it could be that I just am not looking in the right places)! This sounds like a really cool organization and I love that it has partner organizations. I also believe that farmers markets and walking trails improves lives so this hit home for me. Pertaining to the assignment, I really liked that you started off the job description with questions to reel people in. It definitely grabbed my attention. I also found it interesting that you wanted your Intern to be familiar with Pinterest. Having worked for a few companies that do use social media, Pinterest hasn’t been one of them so I find that unique. Lastly, I think having a stipend will bring more applicants in so that could be useful, even if it is a small stipend as you said! Very nice!


    1. Portage County Can is pretty quiet in the community– I would definitely say that we have some PR work to do! The idea behind it is really to be the hub and connection between health-related groups that are too small to have their own 501C3. At one point, PC CAN was a grant-funding body, but at this point we’re simply providing other services. You should follow us on Facebook!! @portagecountycan Thanks for your thoughtful response!


  2. Hi Kelly,

    I enjoyed reading your posting. Do you currently work at Portage County? You appear to be very knowledgeable about the PC. I like how descriptive your job posting was, especially regarding the job position and how you provided examples of what types of events the Portage County offers. One thing that you included that I feel is important and essential to mention is that the individual must participate in coalition partners’ community events and programs. To some it may appear as an obvious duty, but many people may just think they need to be involved in only their own company’s events. Great job posting!



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