National Wellness Institute Social Media Community Management Job Posting: by Baihly Birdseye


LOCATION: Stevens Point, WI

ORGANIZATION: The National Wellness Institute

The National Wellness Institute is growing and looking for a new community manager who is passionate about health and wellness. We are looking for a motivated leader who demonstrates superior customer service and inspires the wellness team to provide the best services to our health and wellness community. The role of the Social Media Community Manager is to oversee the day-to-day communication between the National Wellness Institute and the health and wellness professionals we are servicing. As the Social Media Community Manager you will make sure vital information is communicated to our audience via blogging, press releases and weekly newsletters. You are also responsible for the release of new information and upcoming community events put on and sponsored by the National Wellness Institute. Along with the day-to-day communication, you are also responsible for the promotion and communication of the National Wellness Institutes annual wellness conference.


The National Wellness Institute was formed in 1977 with the mission to provide health and wellness professionals with the resources and services to foster professional growth and development.

This mission drives the National Wellness Institute and forms the basis of the annual National Wellness Conference, the most acclaimed professional conference in health and wellness.


The mission of the National Wellness Institute is to serve the professionals and organizations that promote optimal health and wellness in individuals and communities.

We accomplish this mission by:
•Identifying quality resources
•Providing quality continuing education and resources
•Promoting opportunities for life-long learning
•Providing new and innovative professional development programs
•Developing effective educational lifestyle assessments
•Serving professionals and organizations that promote health and wellness


The vision of the National Wellness Institute, Inc. is to promote:
•the understanding of the dynamic factors that contribute to health and well-being as they emerge through research and practice.
•the sharing and development of strategies to positively influence those factors that support a worldwide population with healthy, balanced lifestyles.


•Manage the day-to-day outreach, sales and customer service efforts to meet and exceed performance targets.
•Promote the National Wellness Institutes initiatives to drive the wellness community and engage members in social, educational and planned activities and events.
•Prepare reports on the development of involvement in the National Wellness Institute blog and memberships.
•Assists in the development, delivery and outcome measurements for programing within the National Wellness Institute staff.
•Assists with strategic planning, using quality improvement and performance management processes and/or techniques to improve the effectiveness of the respective health and wellness programs. This includes, but is not limited to creating, implementing, and evaluating performance standards and identifying, implementing, and assessing program quality improvement processes.
•Administers, reviews and evaluates health and wellness programs.

The successful Community Manager with have the following qualifications:


•A (4) year bachelor degree in communication, business, community relations, marketing or management.
•Superior customer service skills and the ability to deal with difficult people and challenging situations while maintaining a positive and calm demeanor.
•Strong Customer Service skills, including the ability to remain flexible and calm in high pressure or continually changing situations.
•A minimum of (2) years of experience in a social management position.
•Excellent computer skills including knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word and Excel.
•Knowledge of the National Wellness Institutes core values and mission.
•Have a passion for health and wellness.


If interested in applying for this position, please email your resume and cover letter of why you would be a good fit for this position to



  1. Baihly,

    I’d have to agree with Allie on adding the requirement of having a passion of health and wellness because some people in the world might just be walking into a job with no interest in the company/area of work they’ll be going in and not like the job once they get into it.

    Going on with the general descriptions of the company and role and responsibilities, I like the requirements you’ve listed under each!

    – Rodel


  2. Baihly,

    I like that you added the requirement about having a passion for health and wellness. I think that addition will help narrow the scope to let you find someone that really is a great fit for the job. Being in HP/W, it really is necessary to have that passion working for the National Wellness Institute. It is also nice that you included the organizations mission and vision to really bring across the meaning of the organization and their promotion of optimal health and wellness. In addition, I feel you covered all of your bases including what the organization is, what the employee’s role will include on a daily basis to weeks or months down the line, and what qualifications are required. Your Community Manager post is very clear and well written.


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