Roles and Responsibilities of a Community Manager

Many people, in many different professions, practice the discipline of community management. The discipline of community management includes practices such as building relationships with others for a mutual benefit and ensuring value for community members and the organization. The role of community manager not only includes the disciplines of community managers, but also includes responsibilities such as executing community customer service, helping new members feel comfortable, understanding how the community works and writing content for the community.

There are many traits which a community-minded leader should possess which include soliciting feedback, supporting other people’s ideas, ambition, vision for the future, flexibility, and valuing transparency. There are many professionals who practice the discipline of community management and possess some of the traits of a community manager, but don’t have the title, “Community Manager.”  These people can include CEO’s of a company, a human resources supervisor or a customer service representative.  When thinking about the roles and responsibilities of a community manager, I realized that not only do I possess many of the traits of a community manager, but so do many of the people I work with such as my supervisor, my co-workers, and community partners.

Social media is an important way for business to interact with their customers. When using social media to interact with customers, some businesses have a community manager and a social media manager.  The role of a community manager in this situation is to advocate for the brand on social media networks and to increase awareness for the company.  They do this by connecting with potential customers online.  Generally, they are communicating with people who have not heard of their business.  On the other hand, social media managers create content on social media, answer questions, and respond to questions.  Generally, social media managers are communicating with people who are aware of the brand or have a relationship with the brand. The role of a community manager and social media manager is important in building and maintaining positive relationships with other businesses and/or community partners.

I can only imagine how the roles and responsibilities of a community manager will change and evolve over time, especially as communicating electronically and on social media becomes more and more popular.


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