Digging Deeper

In my senior English class in high school, I struggled with getting good grades on my process essays. When I went into my teacher’s office to contest my most recent subpar essay grade, my English teacher told me that my analysis was not deep enough. She taught me that in order to draw a fair conclusion, I needed to have to fullistock_000010339765large understanding of every aspect of the argument I was constructing. In short, I needed to “dig deeper.” I took this to heart back then, and it has carried over into my life and work. So, while creating a Facebook page for UWSP Facility Services, I have been attempting to fully understand my audience, what they will receive from liking our page, and how I can better cater our services to those who are investing their time in us. In order for me to do so, I once again need to apply my wise English teacher’s advice.

In terms on analytic technologies, I believe Hootesuite and Facebook Insights. Hootesuite will allow me to gather deeper and more specific information regarding who I am reaching through customer analytics. Also, Hootesuite notifies you when your brand or company is being mentioned, which is a great tool to gauge how others are representing our image across a diverse range of sites. Facebook Insights is a more obvious choice to gain generic information about quantity of “likes” and how many people are being reached. This will help me figure out when is the best time to post updates, and which updates are liked more than others. Since Facebook is the only social media site we work through, Facebook Insights is a simple and good option to gather basic, yet useful, information.

These tools will help me dig deeper and make Facility Services’ social media presence worthwhile and up to its greatest potential. This task relates to my English teacher’s your-facebook-friends-are-making-you-fat-broke-study--1660504475essay advice because with each update I post on Facebook, I am presenting an argument. It is never anything controversial, but I am presenting information hoping people will like it (literally), and people will respond positively to it. I want our audience to receive my message in the way I intended, I want them to react in the way I want or need, and I will do this by gaining an understanding of those I am interacting with.



  1. Well, I love the title. And when I read your content — I must admit, this is a very, very good and insightful piece. It not only utilizes good critical thinking skills — is also a good piece because you brought some experience and wisdom thus sharing with your readers how and why a good well thought out monitoring strategy should be developed.

    Good lead-in:
    “She taught me that in order to draw a fair conclusion, I needed to have to fullistock_000010339765large understanding of every aspect of the argument I was constructing.”



  2. Jacob,

    I think it’s awesome that you took something your high school teacher critized you on, and have kept that with you for so long! Obviously you were given not the easiet task, trying to make people visit and like a facilities service page takes a lot of patience. But I like where your head is at and keep working at it!
    Good luck and good post!


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