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The ALS Foundation has been gaining huge amounts of attention in the past year and a half to raise awareness about the terrible disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Donations have always been accepted by the organization but up until last summer, the take-in amounts were extremely small. The ALS ice bucket challenge, a social media hit that expanded world-wide, was able to collect enough money for the foundation to be able to donate $99 million towards finding an effective treatment. The ALS foundation was able to get this challenge to the mass population through the means of social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. To monitor such action, the ALS foundation can use websites like TweetDeck, TweetReach, and Hootsuite. TweetDeck and Tweetreach focus mainly on Twitter activity and would be a great source for the ALS foundation to track how much they are being talked about on the social media website and can begin marketing to their followers accordingly. Hootsuite focuses on Twitter as well but also focuses on Facebook activity. The ALS Foundation can use Hootsuite to review weekly analytics reports and see the popularity of their company. Similarly, the fact the ALS has more than one community manager running their online sites, Hootsuite can be especially important. measuring tools

The soft ROI of the ALS Foundation is all of the likes, follows, shares, retweets etc that online followers can take part in. Like previously mentioned, the ALS Foundation can use TweetDeck, TweetReach and Hootsuite to see how much impact they have on followers and review the popularity of their company’s online presence. TweetReach’s main function would be to allow the ALS Foundation to discover who their most influential followers are so they can market more effectively towards them and the rest of the mass market. Similarly, TweetDeck focuses on Twitter advertisements as well. TweetDect is a great tool for scheduling tweets made by the company and monitors interactions, messages, and hashtags on multiple accounts. However, one major drawback of TweetDeck is that it doesn’t update regularly and has been prone to bugs in the past. Keyhole is also another valuable tool the ALS Foundation may look into using seeing as its online tracking of social media sites is extremely detailed and valuable. However, such good information comes with a price as they charge anywhere from $139-$3000 per month.

The hard ROI of the ALS Foundation includes all of the donations they collect web_marketing_successthrough their charitable events. For this, I feel the ALS Foundation would be best off by keeping track of its collections on its own. Because the donations are given directly to the foundation, it will be easy for them to track the total amounts received. With this in mind, the foundation really doesn’t have to invest in another company to research and monitor what they are already finding out, themselves. To ensure the ALS Foundation is on target with their goals, they will continue to set up interesting online strategies/contests to continue to gain awareness and raise funds for the disease. Using such strategies for keeping track of soft ROI totals and keeping track of their hard ROI totals on their own, I feel the ALS foundation will continue down a successful path.

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    Tweedeck is an excellent tool. Did you know that Twitter, once they purchased Tweetdeck was considering no longer developing the tool. You have a very well thought out — well written monitoring strategy where I am glad to say you have used some very thorough critical thinking skills (vs. strategic thinking) where this strategy will give the ALS Foundation the look they need at their ROI program to ensure it is working.

    Well done.


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