The Five “W’s”

In grade school I was taught that all papers, invitations, presentations, and things of purpose included five W’s. The Who – What – When – Where and Why are all important factors when giving or receiving information. In terms of understanding the audience of my social media presence, I want to collect the information of these five W’s. That information will not only allow for a better understanding of my audience, but will assist the social media managers in their presentation of information to that audience.


Who: Currently, Great River Family Promise has just over 500 followers, most of which are middle aged and retired women. Finding out more information about this population and their demographics will assist in tailoring our social media content specifically for them.

What/Why: Our followers might have been brought to our page for a variety of reasons; their church hosts our families, they volunteer at our day center, they donated supplies during our Fall drive, their daughter and grandkids spent time in our program. Whatever the case may be, the better we understand and acknowledge those reasons, the more people we will be able to attract.

When: From general observation, posts made early in the morning or after dinner time produce to most feedback. What other times of day or days of the week are best for catching our audience?

Where: On what parts of our social media presence do most of our followers congregate? I think currently that our Facebook page generates to the most attention, given that the FB page and our website are our only platforms. Our Instagram page is in the works and it will be great to get information regarding the traffic on that site.

Why: Understanding all of the above questions will aid in increasing both our hard and soft returns on investments (ROI). Increasing the amount of followers we have and decreasing the amount of paid time we have to put into our strategies and both be accomplished by using existing – and FREE- tools for social media managers.


The first free tool, keyword being free, that I am going to use for the measuring and monitoring of GRFP’s social media content is Facebook Page Insights. This service is provided directly though Facebook and will guide me in better understanding and increasing our soft ROI. Valuable and easy to understand categories of information are collects, such as the reach of a post or the engagement of our followers.

hootsuiteAs a second resource, Hootsuite will give some beefier information and feedback on our followers. The analytics collected by Hootsuite will provide information on the where and when of our site’s growth, more specific demographics on our audience, and will generate reports that are easy to understand and share. This tool will assist in increasing the hard ROIs of GRFP. It will point and keep us moving in the right direction in terms of attracting the followers, catering to their schedules and habits, updating our campaigns and interacting regularly with followers while maximizing our resources.

Because Great River Family Promise is small and their staff plays the role of social media manager, their social media efforts are small as well. With the aid of these two tools, the strategies for which social media is used can be examined and changed to better support the organization. As GRFP and its presence online grows, so do the options for bigger and possibly better tools.


Update:  I started using Facebook page Insights on a sight that I admin for at UWSP. The box feature in the photo below is always kc facebookat the top of my page and gives me live analytic updates for the past posts. It is GREAT, I don’t have to scroll around to find out how many people my post reached! Sorry for the low quality of this screen shot.



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  1. I concur with Ashely, great intro– content — You did such a good job of detailing what they Five W’s are and how they will play into your overall monitoring strategy. Great job.


  2. I loved your intro – a great explanation of why you are monitoring certain things and how you will be monitoring them. Yes, sometimes “free” is the primary reason for choosing social media monitoring tools!


  3. Nice work, Kasey! Very thorough and well-thought out! I like the way you broke down each piece to help you determine exactly what factors your organization needs to measure. Great strategy for identifying the applicable social media for GRFP!


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