Social Media Monitoring Tools & Strategies for the Central WI FVRx Program

The social media portion of the Central WI FVRx program is meant to provide information and education. Our goal is that all of our program participants will engage in our social media messages and that these messages will help to reduce barriers to farmers market attendance and fruit and vegetable buying, preparing and consumption for families in Central WI. Since this is our pilot year, we will be relying heavily on social media monitoring tools to help guide our future messaging to meet these goals. 

Facebook and Pinterest will be our primary strategies for reaching participants with informative messaging. To track the reach and popularity of these messages, we will use the following tools:

Facebook Insights is built into Facebook as a free tool to track user interaction. This tool gives details on the demographics and locations of fans. Since our Facebook page will be public, this feature of Facebook Insights will allow us to track local reach and popularity vs non-local reach.  While we would like to use Facebook for both short, actionable messages, and for linking to longer, more educational material, we are not sure how well this type of educational format will reach our participants. This tool will help us find an answer. Another tool we will us to measure Facebook message engagement is Hootsuite.

This is another free social media management tool that we can use to track our website, Facebook, and Pinterest all in the same place. Hootsuite can easily be used by other FVRx program coordinators as well. In addition to analyzing Pinterest here, we will use

Pinterest Analytics. FVRx Central WI will use Pinterest to post recipes, meal and snack ideas that put local farmers market produce to good use. To monitor which types of recipes FVRx participants like best, we will use Pinterest Analytics. This tool is built right into Pinterest with a business account. Since we’re not interested in re-pins at this point, our monitoring strategies will be focusing mostly on Pinterest Analytics “impression” tracking. Having this tool accessible while working on other things in Pinterest is a selling point.

social analytics lifecycle

Having a bit of overlap in our monitoring tools will be helpful to ensure the accuracy of the outcomes. Again, these monitoring tools are playing an important role in how we formulate our educational content for this program. The educational content influences our outcomes, and our outcomes influence future funding!

Our runner-up: Reachli

This tool measures video and image content. At this point in our planning and design process, we are only using existing videos in our educational content. For future content however, we hope to create video interviews with local farmers to increase comfort levels for participants to engage with these same farmers at the market. We will certainly be using Reachli to track the effectiveness of these videos!

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  1. Ashley
    Very, very well done. You are pulling together three monitoring tools to gain better insight into your social media strategy when it comes to your ROI and content marketing programs. Very well done!


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