Monitoring Strategy for Concussion Education Program

Those who do not remember the past are bound to repeat it. This statement is true in many statements. But in the context of owning a company or working with an organization, not knowing what works for your business can greatly effect the success it gets. In the terms of marketing, it is incredibly important to know what works for your costumers and whats not in order to make sure you are getting the ROI you want. With social media, it is important to monitor the avenues of marketing. There are many analytic monitoring services that will help in determining the strength of your campaign.

Through the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, I’m sure each college and department has their own analytic tool for their social media presence if they have been around for a little bit. For the College of Professional Studies, the community manager in charge uses Facebook Insights.

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Facebook insights is a free tool that lets social administrators track user interaction on their pages to better understand overall performance. The Insights dashboard displays page “Likes,” post reach, visits and engagement metrics, including clicks, comments and shares. The data can help marketers make informed decisions on how to best connect with a brand’s audience. Admins can also drill down into the details of each metric, including the most effective channels, and the demographics and locations of fans. This will be a great tool for me in the search for my soft ROI in terms of finding out how many people I reach and how they view the content provided. The main goal is to connect with UWSP students and the community surrounding it. By finding out demographic information, I will be able to make sure that i am targeting all of the intended target population.

With that same token, it would be a good decision to use Twitter Analytics. I am currently not a twitter user, so I’m not fully sure on how it all works, but by using Twitter Analytics, the goal with be able to see how else I am connecting with those who may not be on Facebook and tracking “retweets” and followers. With the mixture of the two terms of monitoring (Facebook and Twitter) I would hope to have a good idea of when to post and what to post about. Returning to the Content Marketing Strategy, I will have a good idea if my posts are working.

We have also discovered that HootSuite is a great tool in using over different types of social media. With this tool, I would be able to schedule posts for our Facebook and Twitter accounts, make custom reports, and many more options. But since this is a university project, I wouldn’t think to purchase any of the additional options, which is not using the website to the full potential. However, I would hope to make that up in using the tool How Sociable, in which I would be able to check and see the sentiment of the customers. There is no hard ROI since this is not meant to have any monetary

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It is important that a person be evaluated after a blow to the head or neck. Players must report all symptoms to medical professional and we must change the attitude of the athlete and the culture of sports. Photo credit- Jae Kitinoja

gains. Instead, we want to change the attitude of people towards how concussions are treated. What this means is we want people to take concussions as serious as any other injury. Now a days, people think that they can still play because they think it does not impede their sports function, when in fact it does. Concussions can lead to long term brain injuries or even death. So no, we probably won’t make money on this program, but the idea is that we can be saving lives. By using the How Sociable tool, the thought will be that we can see what content we are presenting that is causing change. Through YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and the aforementioned sites, the idea is that we can see what people draw a connection to and use that to portray our message.

Brandwatch Monitoring Tools- Facebook Insight
CIO Insight Monitoring Tools- HootSuite
For more information –Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics



  1. I really liked your opening statement because it really does go along with what we are doing here. I thought that you chose some good tools to measuring and monitoring your social media campaign. You should be able to accomplish your soft and hard ROI with these tools. Good job.


  2. I think this was a great post. You demonstrated you knew the material well and gave great reasons behind why you chose Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. I think that it was really creative how you included links for these in your post too. Keep up the good work!


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