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Social media, as we continue to shift more towards digital outlets, is one of the greatest tools we have to increase our client base and continue to engage our current supporters.  Many companies are creating positions specifically for the development of social media content and investing more money in their social media presence. Determining how effective your social media campaign is can be a daunting task but the results can mean more return and a brighter future. Monitoring your posts and measuring your return can help guide content creation as well as validate your company’s social media efforts to maintain funding and other resources.

Determining what tools you will use is the first step and while larger companies may be able to spend some money, there are several free tools available for those not so well defined brands.  Facebook Insights is a great way to monitor which posts are getting “Likes” and the reach of each post.  This can help determine which audience you are successfully reaching andb1301dd7c831e55fe705f619b98ae6c0 allow you to tailor more posts towards the other audiences you are attempting to reach.  This tool also allows you to view detailed information like the most effective channels for you to connect through and the demographics/population of fans.  This can be a great tool if Facebook is your primary social media medium! I would use this for the Facebook page I created for my ItWorks! business to make sure that I am reaching the highest amount of potential customers as possible. It’s still relatively new and you have to have 30 likes before this setting becomes available so I’m growing my fan base everyday.

HootSuite is another tool that can be used to track multiple social media websites that can also help manage your teamat the same time.  While there are a limited number of tools available for free you can monitor conversations and schedule tweets/Facebook posts while delegating tasks to your team through the real-time notifications.  These can be great to see what’s being said about your brand and generate future content.  You can also produce some customer analytics to better understand the audience(s) you are attracting.  This can be useful if you have a social media presence on multiple websites and managing multiple team members.  I could utilize a tool like this once my WordPress page has more content on it and a look to develop that.

Ultimately, you have to monitor your soft ROI to know who is seeing your content and what they are saying about it to generate future content and attract more fans.  This increase in soft ROI increases your potential hard ROI by increasing your customers as well as current customer purchases.

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  1. Using Facebook Insights and Hootsuite for your particular monitoring strategy is excellent. Great use of critical thinking skills — and developing a strategy that plays well into your ROI projections.


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