Using Tools to Reach Goals

Reaching your goal is very important when trying to connect with customers through social media, but realizing how you got there can show you how to reach new customers. There are many tools that can be used to show you how the results were achieved. Gathering the data can help to pinpoint what is bringing new customers in and what may not be achieving the desired results. Without gathering the data it can be hard to see why the goals may not be getting met on social media.

Getting people to follow a Facebook group was the first step in the marketing plan. Announcing the winners of the weekly drawing and the soups of the day can help to keep people informed and paying attention to the page. This can help to promote special events and leagues that are happening at special parts of the year.

The first tool that I would look at using is HowSociable. This can help to compare the amount of people in the desired group compared to the competition’s group. This allows the owner to see how your score on the site measures up to the competition’s score and see how you are doing. This could be helpful in showing if advertising certain events draw more of a following from customers and people from the area.

The other tool that I would use is Hootsuite. After getting acquainted with it for one social media site it can be used to branch out onto other sites to improve the amount of people that it is reaching. Getting to people to stay connected throughout the week can help improve the number of people that support the establishment.hootsuite

Both of these tools can help to reach the goal of the ROI of reaching 20,000 people through social media. This can help to bring new customers in and improve the bottom line of the business while maintaining the current customer base.


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