Staying a-HEAD of the Game: Content Marketing Strategy for UWSP Concussion Education Program

“Old men have dreams while young men have visions.”

There are many adages about proper planning when staying organized and making a plan. We often hear the “failing to plan is failing to plan” and so forth and so on. But I think the quote at the beginning of this post explains the purpose of proper planning. The old man has dreams while the young man has visions. Though this is derived from a biblical passage and can mean a few different things, I find it to mean this:

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One can not just come up with a plan (the old man’s dream). It takes a spirited person who is actually go to do the work that is to be done (the young man). By having dreams, it is indicative of being asleep. And how much work do we get done when we’re asleep? No, we must have the vision to see what we want, and the energy of the young man to not want to sit by and sleep while there is a job to do. This ideology can be applied to many things in life, but for the purpose of this post, the focus is on organizing and constructing an awesome content marketing strategy.

When constructing a content marketing strategy, it is important for the community manager to know their audience and when and where they are reaching these people. That way, the content presented via social media will serve more of a purpose other than just a “like” or retweet (though those are also important!). It is important to present quality content so that the audience is engaged and is actively participating in conversations and post or buying the goods the organization is trying to sell.

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In a previous post, I shared the ROI of Girl Scout Cookies. Though that was fun and interesting, I found another avenue to put the information learned. During the next year, the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Athletic Training Education Program Faculty will be working on putting on a concussion education program for our athletic population on campus (NCAA Division III athletics and select other population). I will be spear heading the new endeavor. So now you can check it out!

To achieve those goals listed on the website for the grant and mention in the ROI, I will have weekly posting about concussion facts via Twitter and Facebook. This will inform the audience about what discussions, research, and news about concussions. We will have trending topics and hashtags to catch the attention of the younger population. Also, we hope to use instagram by showing images of the affects concussions can have on one’s wellness. These graphic pictures will hopefully provide thought provoking comments and discussions on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Finally, we hope to use YouTube and Vine to create viral videos using common songs or trending topics. Each month we hope to provide a video that will appeal to different athletic groups, teams, and populations. This can be seen via the Content Marketing Strategy.

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