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download (5)Social media plays a large roll in how we share information with our volunteers, donors and community supporters. At Great River Family Promise, people use our website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to find out about our organization, follow up on our families, sign up volunteer and provide us with donations. This means that our staff members are spending more time on interaction with our followers on social media.

GRFP only has three full time staff. With such a small number of people working at the organization, we feel it is important that they all have access to the organization’s social media accounts and have the authority to interact them. Each staff has a very specific and individualized role in the daily running of the programs. Have a social media policy and content calendar will assist in keeping the social media presence uniform and as on-task as possible while the staff members go about their own individualized tasks.



Social Medial Policy for posting on Great River Family Promise’s social media outlets:


Act in Mission: Remember that our mission is about creating partnerships throughout our community. Use our social media presence to expand upon and support these partnerships, do not be degrade or critical about surrounding agencies.

Great River Family Promise’s Mission:

Building partnerships throughout our communities in support of children and families experiencing homelessness to achieve sustainable independence.


Be Confidential: Employees shall not post confidential information on Great River Family Promise’s social media accounts. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to; names, address or other personal information about guests in the program or employees of the organization, advertisements or promotions, rumors and/or indifferences. Refer to Great River Family Promise’s Confidentiality Policy in the employee handbook for further information on communicating and working in confidence.

Be Purposeful: Have a purpose when posting to social media. Our social media platforms may feel casual, but they represent our organization and the work that is common-sense-social-media-policybeing done. This warrants formality, be sure that what you post is true and comprehensible. Take care in referencing and abiding by the content calendar. Making post that are in line with the ideas on the calendar will assist in being sure all important information is communicated and redundancy is eliminated.

Be Responsive: Social medial is not about one way communication. Be timely when responding to inquiries on social media. Notify the director if there are questions or comments that you can not answer.

Be Warned: The director and/or the social media manager have the authority to change, alter or delete all posts made that are untrue, misleading, breaking confidence, or slander.


Social Media Policy for posting on employee’s own social media outlets:

  • Do not share pictures, names or other personnel information about guests, volunteers or other employees.
  • Do not use GRFP given email address to register for social media accounts.


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  1. Organization is clearly a skill you possess! This policy is very well done! I like how you broke it up into being confidential, purposeful, responsive, and be warned! Also by adding the “mission statement” shows that you clearly understand what needs to happen within this company. And with having such a small staff, the workload will be heavier on you guys so you’ll all need to pitch in and make GRFP grow!
    Good Job!


  2. Kasey
    Excellent well written, thought out, clear social media policy. No guessing, no misinterpretation. I really like it.

    One of my favorite pieces of content in your policy is the following:

    “Act in Mission: Remember that our mission is about creating partnerships throughout our community. Use our social media presence to expand upon and support these partnerships, do not be degrade or critical about surrounding agencies.”

    This is key at the top of your policy and peppered throughout the content of your entire policy.



  3. I like how well organized your policy is! I particularly like the addition/reminder of your mission because that detail can easily be forgotten over time, and reminding people so always keep that in mind, especially whilst conducting themselves online, is a very good idea.


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