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Being goal oriented is a must in any business owner. Being neat and organized is another necessity. However, if you add future oriented and planning skills to the mix, you’ve achieved the perfect equation for success. Planning and being aware of what you can do for the business down the road will not only make it easier on yourself but also make it a smoother transition for your customers to be prepared for what will come. There are going to be differences with everyone’s business online content strategy depending on their business. Content is the single most important component to getting more business. The content needs to be attention-getting, needs to represent your company in a professional manor, as well as relating to your customers wants and needs. For example, the food industry online content could feature specials, soups of the day, buy one get one, etc. Fitness related business might feature membership discounts/promos, attire discounts, etc. Then there’s my business, High Energy Mobile DJs, the music and entertainment industry. untitled

My locally growing business has done very well over the years and will continue staying strong as long as we keep putting in the work. Obviously there will always be a need for DJs as long as weddings and school dances stay around; which weddings will never go away! However, trying to get couples to choose our business is the hardest part; the DJ business is very popular and is everywhere you look. Therefore, marketing and advertising your business is the only way to get the attention of current customers and future customers. I currently use 3 methods of advertising; word of mouth, weddingwire.com (which is like a google for couples searching for DJs, dresses, and destinations), and Facebook. My business has won many awards from Weddingwire.com for best DJ, best customer service, etc. so my worries with weddingwire.com aren’t a problem. Facebook however is something I could improve!

The company’s current Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/HighEnergyDJs ) isn’t doing bad by any means; in fact, after doing the hard and soft ROI measurements, I found out that each Facebook like and fan we get is equivalent to $15 profit! However those results were only due to 3 facebook posts and a ton of likes and responses. Imagine what we could profit if we posted daily and with contests or discounts, etc! We do the majority of our content about the posts we make about our past shows and upcoming shows to show our fans and followers who’s getting married and the style of wedding they’re having; incase any future customers look at our page and say they want a similar style wedding; just makes it easier on us! My plans for continuing the success of our Facebook page will be to install weekly contests to save a couple of dollars off your wedding or give the coupon to a couple you know is getting married. Online surveys providing us information on what songs to play more than others and fully completed surveys can be printed out and turned in to save a certain percent off their total bill. Also providing photos and videos of the week for some of the shows we did recently. By doing all of this, I hope I will increase my soft ROI for potential reach, which will then lead to increases in my hard ROI and keeping High Energy Mobile DJs in the green!


Here is my content schedule for the month of April April-2015-Calendar

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  1. Ethan:
    I like how realized the increase in likes etc., with certain posted content. Cool, because now I can see by reading your plans for a content calendar, that you know what works for your DJ business and what doesn’t when it comes to gaining more visibility. I like the survey idea for songs — and contest.

    From all of the assignments posted thus far, I can see that you are really taking a more critical look (vs strategic) look at your marketing, monitoring and content development for your business and how this will enhance and increase visibility.


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