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Social media can make or break your company and its reputation. One wrong statement could affect the amount of business that you generate. Especially with your employees on the social media page, it is important to monitor the types of content they are producing. In some cases, there is a fine line between what is “right and wrong” in the social media world. At World Class Realty, the brand image is a service that meets the needs of its clients in a professional manner. This is something that needs to be maintained as the company moves into the world of social media.


Implementing a successful social media campaign at World Class Realty cannot be without a social media policy that outlines acceptable behavior. World Class Realty’s LinkedIn page will engage interaction between agents of World Class Realty and its potential clients. It is important that the relationship be kept to a professional level in this setting. Employees of World Class Realty are part of the brand image and what they say and do on the company’s page could have a direct impact on the business. In order to maintain a positive reputation of World Class Realty, an effective social media policy must be put in place.


Social media Policy for World Class Realty LLC: The main goal of a social media policy is to promote the brand image of World Class Realty in a professional manner. It is also meant to increase the number of clients our agents acquire. It is designed to be a win-win campaign, and this policy will help ensure success.

Act professionally: I will act in a professional manner when interacting on social media. This includes language, tone, and topic. Everything I post will be appropriate for a professional setting. I will speak confidently and positively about the brand at World Class Realty.

Provide truthful insight and information: All information that is posted will be the honest and reliable. Everything that is posted should be a fact that could be sourced. I will not bend the truth to gain an advantage in any way. To keep things professional, I will always be honest with clients and in my postings on social media.

The client comes first: In our business, the client always comes first, and I will act the same way through social media. I will make an attempt to help every client in a professional manner and not ignore the requests of any potential client.

The client is always right: In any dispute, I will remember that the client is always right. I will not argue, insult, or disrespect anyone on social media.

Be respectful: I will respect the feelings of my fellow agents, and any potential clients that I may be interacting with on social media.

The golden rule: I will treat everyone, as I wanted to be treated. I will not show favoritism in any way.

Be Ethical: I will always post and act in an ethical manner. If anything is even close to becoming a question of ethics, I will not post it. I will think about who my audience is and if my post could question the ethics of anyone else before posting.

 Don’t mix personal and professional: I will keep my personal issues out of my professional social media life. The mixture of these two can result in a poor image.

Failure to meet the following guidelines of the social media policy will result in disciplinary actions and could lead to termination. All agents and employees of World Class Realty will sign this document prior to beginning work.

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  1. I agree, the following disclosure:

    “Failure to meet the following guidelines of the social media policy will result in disciplinary actions and could lead to termination. All agents and employees of World Class Realty will sign this document prior to beginning work.”

    Really drives it home that your social media policy “is a part of your HR handbook.”

    Excellent and well written policy – very well thought out actions and request for your employees to adhere to.



  2. Evan- Adding in the disclosure are the bottom of your policy was a great touch. Having written information about actions that can/will be taken when policies are broken will come in handy if/when an issue occurs.


  3. Evan, I thought your policy was very detailed and had some great concepts in it. With a policy like this there should be no concern of unprofessionalism in the brand’s future. Great job.


  4. Evan,

    I think that this social media policy is great. It touches on all of the important concepts that a good social media policy should have. I like it how you address the topic of treating others how you want to be treated; this is definitely important. I feel that this kind of policy will definitely help the success of World Class Realty. Keep up the good work.


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