Putting Online Content to Work

Having a schedule to keep up with advertising on social media can be very helpful for busy business owners. Having a current strategy of advertising that includes word of mouth and the logo on clothing items has been successful but advertising through social media can help improve the business.

Starting on Facebook will allow for the business to get a feel for how to utilize social media the most effectively. By creating a group, the already existing customers will be able to help spread the word to their friends. This will help the business grow in popularity by reaching people that may have not heard of it before. This will help in reaching the goal of people that was set in the ROI.

There are many things that can be put on to a social media site and this can become very time consuming for an owner. Being in the bar/restaurant business is already very time consuming so putting content up every day can be very challenging. Starting with small daily items such as specials or the soups of the day and putting up bigger items such as tournaments or announcements once or twice a week can allow for time to be spent on other items that need to be done. This can also help to keep customers that may not stop in that often stay in the loop of what is happening.

Starting with Facebook and gradually adding more content on there or branching out to other social media sites can help customers stay up to date with what is happening in the business. By utilizing what customers would like to know will help them to be more inclined to like the page and share to more of their friends. Reaching more people will help to meet the goals of the ROI that were set in turn helping the business become more popular and profitable.

The strategy for April is here. april-2015-calendar-small-numerals

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  1. The restaurant business can be a very rewarding yet crazy business to get in to! It takes a dedicated person to make that restaurant succeed! By planning ahead with your soups and specials, it could definitley save your customers time from looking at menues, which will then speed up their sit down time and get them out the door quicker to get more customers in!
    nice job!


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