Audience Awareness is a Must!

Today with all of the information available via the internet, companies need to stock-photo-11186389-bucket-of-moneybe aware of what they are posting and how different people may interpret it. The ALS Association has taken multiple steps to become more popular in today’s social media and has had to follow the same guidelines as well. While being active on media sites like Facebook and Twitter is good for gaining awareness, it can also have a negative effect too. While nearly all posts are professionally written and accepted by everyone, the reviews on the pages that are available to everyone may alter their state of minds. To keep up their positive image, the ALS Association has created numerous chapters throughout the continental United States and updates their pages periodically throughout each day. Posts may contain interesting articles about what’s being done to try to find a cure, or talk about new spokespeople for ALS and much more.

All of these posts are, of course, liked and shared by the followers of the ALS Association. By gaining all of this interest, more and more people are becoming more engaged in the foundation and the news around it. All of this interest and follows help build the soft return on investment for the foundation. Starting from the major hit last summer, the Ice Bucket Challenge, ALS is still collecting donations almost daily. With the small investments they are making through advertising campaigns and the amount of money they are collecting, their hard return on investment is still substantially high when compared to other organizations. images

By keeping their posts all based around the same important topic, having correct grammar and spelling, and using hashtags, the ALS Association is not only reaching larger crowds, but also building their fan base as well. The community managers the ALS Foundation appoints for their online presence need to be aware of who’s reading the posts, and why they’re reading the posts as well. After gaining this knowledge, they can then create posts that are easy to read, yet still answer questions that may arise, all at the same time keeping them interested. An operating schedule the ALS Association is actually using for this month is:


While it may seem like an overwhelming and busy schedule, it is essential to keep chipping away and staying on top of things.

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  1. Great point about audience awareness! Even just a handful of of negative reviews or comments leave a mark. I love the comment about “having correct grammar and spelling” in posts. It is very unprofessional to have spelling/grammar errors and one of my biggest pet peeves. Spell check anyone?


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