Planning For Success

Having a goal is great for any business owner, but having a goal is not going to be very helpful if you don’t have a way to reach it.  Planning is just as important to hold yourself accountable for reaching your goal. I love the quote my mentor as well as the ambassadors with ItWorks continually use: “Failing to plan iplannings planning to fail”.  It’s so true! Every one wants to increase their clientele base to increase their end profit, but those who have a set plan of attach are the ones that are continually reaching these goals. Content is the last component that will make or break your social media campaign. Is your content relevant and speaking to your buyers? Does it accurately represent you and your company?  Is it easily found by your clients?  These are important if you want to increase the number of clients or keep the ones you already have.

Personally, I have not done any of this the past four months.  I was very strong with social media when I first started my business; unfortunately, as school and my full time job started to pick up my efforts in my business dropped off.  This is evident in my ROI as it is also dropping off.  It is just as important as ever to sit down and analyze my content and plan it out so that I can work towards the potential ROI I want. I have finally created a new Facebook page specifically for my ItWorks business but have only posted a few times. Developing content and setting up a posting schedule is the next step to creating more traffic and those ever so important “likes” that my page needs to generate. Unfortunately, I can’t utilize the insights option for my page to gather information as to when people are looking at my page, but I am continuing to share my page with people and gather as much information as I can.

There are four types of ItWorks products: Skincare, Health Supplements, That Crazy Wrap Thing and our Greens. The other aspects are becoming a Loyal Customer or a Distributor.  My content needs to 1) increase loyal customers (LCs) or distributors (DTs) and 2) increase the number of LCs purchasing one or more products.  I will focus on each type of product each week with a post about the benefits of being a LC and DT once a week.  Each week I would also like to focus on wellness with a blog post regarding healthy and easy meals/dishes or workouts individuals can do without a gym membership. By doing this, I will be increasing my soft ROI with my potential reach and this in turn will potentially increase my hard ROI by generating more LCs purchasing more products or more DTs enrolling under me.

Here is my schedule for the month of April: Content Agenda – April

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  1. The formatting of your calendar looks great and seems to work perfectly when you’re sending messages almost daily! I suppose you could use this same format even if you had multiple social media streams by color coding 🙂


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