South Fork Electric’s Content Marketing Strategy

South Fork Electric’s current marketing approach is word of mouth, referrals, business cards, hats, and truck advertising. Although these ‘old-fashioned’ methods are providing some business, it is time to dive into the social media world, not only to avoid being left in the dust, but at the same time to build the brand and expand the company’s share of voice.

That being said, our next strategy is online content marketing. A proven means of communication is via a website. A website is the great way to connect with your target audience. In this case, someone looking for an experienced, licensed electrician to provide expert advice and service. Website content offers an inside look at the business. Great content will share a bio of the owner, his licensing and experience, pictures of past projects and services provided, and hopefully positive reviews by prior customers.

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With a website in place, the business will become easier to locate. Whether a customer knows my brother by name, by his business name, or is just searching for an electrician in the area, South Fork Electric is certain to appear online. I was frustrated myself, searching for his business and others in the vicinity. Everything I searched brought me to the white or yellow pages, or to the one local business with a website. Consumers will have immediate contact with the business, the owner, and the services he can provide just by clicking on his website link. A customer wants instantaneous results, especially if an electrician is needed on short notice. In contrast, customers with a major project in mind, for example, rewiring a barn (rural area) or installing solar panels, prefer to research their options first. The more information one can obtain before the phone call, the more confident and prepared a potential customer may be when comparing multiple options.

The content of South Fork Electric’s website will be simple, clear, professional and informative. Phone or email contact will be responded to in a timely manner. Share of voice, as predicted earlier, will rise from 3.6% to 50%. We are excited to get the site up and running. Eventually, a business Facebook page may be added to the online content strategy but we would prefer to get feedback on the site first. Measuring business flow by outlet is as simple as asking each customer how they heard about the company.

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We are confident about the business plan and online content strategy for the month of April. It is just a matter of time before social media makes its way into my brother’s rural area. In the meantime, hopefully his business will reap the benefits of introducing social media to a small business early on.|month-3+23165+23202+23178

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