Beginner Content: Social Media Calendar for the Start Up

My company, the Facility Services Department at UWSP, has only had a social media presence for three weeks. We have a good amount of likes on our new Facebook page for only being live for such a short amount of time, but it is time to get organized in terms of content. Nobody will want to like a page that hardly posts anything of value. So, creating consistent categories for which postings will fall under will better help me stay organized in my job, as well as help whoever precedes me next year to be able to run the page in a similar fashion. The following link will show the calendar I have created:

March Social Media Calendar

Each event on the calendar represents a post that will go on the Facebook page. They are color coded based on the category in which they fall. Purple is history posts. These will serve to show past renovations, stories, or anything relating to Facility services that is not currently occurring. The red events will be posts about upcoming projects. I am still collecting information about our upcoming projects, so that is why those events are not specified yet. Yellow events are department profiles. This will allow our Facebook followers to gain a better understanding of the departments within Facility Services and what we provide. The green events are employee profile. It is important to personalize employees within a business so people feel more comfortable coming to us with issues, and it helps to put a face to a name. Lastly, the blue events are TEAM programs. TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More, and they are a group of Facility Services employees that put on programs to boost morale and sometimes raise money or resources for community programs. They are a great group that would serve well on our social media platform. I will be using Hootesuite to measure how well these postings work, because that will give me plenty of very useful information to better cater our content to our audience for next month.

Along with these events, we are moving forward with exciting projects that will better help us serve our campus community, so I will be posting about those as updates become available. Our social media presence was meant to help us gain a new medium to communicate with students and faculty on campus, and with the content above, that will be achieved.