Themed Days for a Content Calendar

“The mission of the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon is to conquer pediatric cancer by providing outstanding emotional and financial support to the families, researchers, and staff of the Four Diamonds Fund.”


Creating an online content publishing strategy can be extremely helpful and effective with the THON 2016 campaign. By creating this strategy, we will be able to promote THONs mission to the millions of viewers that are attracted to social media sites daily. I feel that by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the right way, we will be able to raise awareness in order to meet our predicted soft and hard ROI goals for THON 2016. The overall main goal of the campaign is to raise $14,000,000 for pediatric cancer by THON 2016. In order to achieve this goal, a planned strategy is going to be needed for each month.

Here are my plans on how I will utilize each of the social media sites: Tools-for-a-Great-Content-Strategy

Facebook is the most popular social media site to date; therefore it will require the most action. With 1.19 billion active monthly users, there is a lot of opportunity to make THON known worldwide. For this reason, we will be active on Facebook every day. New members, likes, and comments on our page will help contribute to our soft ROI goals.

Twitter allows its users to post status updates 160 characters at a time. Being that you cannot go into a ton of detail on Twitter, we will utilize this site in order to post updates and information on upcoming events. A link to the Facebook page will be posted (on Twitter) for information that is too in depth. As you can see in the calendar, Twitter will be used almost every day. Follows, likes, and comments on our page will help contribute to our soft ROI goals.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and we hope to make this true while utilizing Instagram throughout the campaign. By picking the right picture for the right occasion, we hope to get a nice following. Likes and comments on photos will help contribute to our soft ROI goals.

THON2016 Content Calendar 

As you can see on the calendar, each day has a different theme. The goal of the themed days is to keep the audience entertained with something new each and every day. Posting the same information over and over will cause the viewers to lose interest, and can therefore decrease our soft ROI goals. I feel that by implementing this type of online content strategy, we will be able to receive more viewers, more followers, more volunteers, and help raise more money.


The fight against pediatric cancer is a difficult one, but THON aims to find a cure. By raising awareness and receiving volunteers/donations, THON helps conquer pediatric cancer one day at a time. The online content strategy will be an important key to achieving our hard and soft ROI goals for THON 2016.

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  1. Josh,
    Your content marketing strategy looks great. Love that it is boosting awareness for a good cause. Your calendar was visually appealing and was full of great content. Overall, nice job.

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