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Providing content that is going to inform, entertain, and lead to ROI has to be carefully planned and well thought out. Through LinkedIn, I will be creating a content marketing strategy for World Class Realty LLC in order to meet the predicted soft and hard ROI that the company expects. To recap, the goals of this content marketing strategy are to gain 1000 connections with a 5% conversion rate through our LinkedIn social media company page. Our target audience consists of past, present, and future clients. Those future clients may be college students looking for apartmencontent-marketing-strategy picturets, young families looking to buy their first home, or older couples looking to downsize. To gather a better understanding of our target market in Metro Detroit, I will be utilizing Hootsuite in my content marketing strategy. Hootsuite will allow World Class Realty LLC to see whom, when, and how many times people are viewing the content and listings we post. This will allow us to post relevant listings and content for our audience. This will be a learning experience along the way but will end up being very efficient.


This content marketing strategy will be heavily weighted on posting listings of potential homes that our clients and connections may be interested in, as well as informing our connections about the process of going through a transaction with us. We will do this through past client testimonials, and educational postings related to the home buying process. Our main content will consist of the deal of the week which will be a property that we think is a good deal that buyers should jump on. Another focus will be introducing our agents, as well as open houses coming up. All of these methods will inspire action. We also will be providing tons of information on key topics that often give people a headache when going through any real estate process.

Content strategy: Month 1: PDF

Posting content that matters including listings, informing, and entertaining our connections on LinkedIn, more and more people will begin to see what World Class Realty LLC does. This will increase the trust and loyalty towards World Class Realty. By building this customer loyalty, we can ensure that if our connections have a need for our service, they will choose us over a competitor. This content marketing strategy will ensure that our ROI goals are met, turning our soft ROI into hard ROI.

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  1. Evan,

    I really enjoyed the way you went about doing this assignment. I thought that the way you linked your calendar to your soft and hard ROI goals was great! Keep up the good work!


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