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In the real estate business, both marketing and advertising are essential to separating yourself from the fierce competition. By utilizing copyright and creative commons, World Class Realty LLC could increase its advertising in a safe manner. Currently, World Class Realty LLC has a company name, a company logo, and a company slogan, all of which are not protected. Leaving these key aspects of our business unprotected could result in another party using our name, logo, or slogan to potentially compete against us in the market.

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Copyright is the sole legal right to your work. It prevents anyone and everyone from using your work without your permission. Print, music, art and many other things can be protected under copyright. The goal of copyright in business is to separate yourself from the competition because you have something unique that is protected from being copied. Differentiating yourself from the multiple other real estate companies in the area is critical to competing and creating success. At World Class Realty LLC, we pride ourselves in serving clients in a professional, world-class manner, superior to that of the competition. The company’s slogan is “We Work to Serve You”! Through our company name (World Class Realty LLC), and our slogan, we are creating an environment of high-level service in the eyes of the potential client. To protect the company name, as well as the company slogan, a copyright should be placed on both so that no one else can use them. In regards to the company logo, we will have a copyright and a Style Guide for the logo including its colors and fonts in which we will purchase the font. This will ensure that it always remains consistent. This will give us exclusive rights and represent our brand in a consistent way. By copyrighting these works, we are protecting ourselves, and are ensuring that no one can copy our work, allowing us to stay competitive in our own way in the real estate market of the metro Detroit area. This gives us an “All Rights Reserved” to our “brand” of real estate services.


Another way of protecting our company is through the use of Creative Commons. Creative Commons offers a different way of protecting work than copyright, although they are very similar. Copyright and Creative Commons are not completely separate; Creative Commons creates a way to share copyrighted work in an easy way. Copyright creates a strict “all rights reserved” way of making sure no one uses or copies your work in any way. The Creative Commons however creates a way to use or remix your work in a way commercially or non commercially, and in some cases for profit. At World Class Realty, our customized company logo is one of a kind to our business, however it is not protected. Leaving this key image of the business unprotected could be dangerous to World Class Realty LLC. I believe the best move would be to obtain a Creative Commons license for the company logo. There are six types of licenses for Creative Commons. The company logo would be best protected utilizing the 6th type of Creative Commons license, which is Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives. This Creative Commons license is most similar to the copyrights that are going to be held by the company name and company slogan. However, the difference is other parties can redistribute our logo non-commercially in any way. The main rule is that it must not be changed at all and World Class Realty would be given credit for the work. It would give people the ability to share our logo freely. This would essentially be free advertising for World Class Realty LLC.


I believe that by utilizing both copyright and Creative Commons, World Class Realty LLC will be protected the way it needs to be in order to stay competitive. By ensuring that no one can copy the company name and slogan, and by allowing others to share the company logo under a Creative Commons license, World Class Realty will be protected, and gain more advertising than ever before.

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  1. Evan, another excellent post with great content. You do a very good job of thinking through developing your content and how it will be interpreted by the reader.

    I like the developing of a Style Guide — it allows consistency in branding when it comes to colors, fonts etc.

    You have clearly demonstrated by using World Class Realty as your subject matter that you have grasped the differences between Creative Commons and Copyrights. And where each license can and should be applied for the maximum amount of protection of your ( World Wide Realty) intellectual property.

    Again, you are tying all of your post together were I can see you will have a good strategy by the end of the course.


  2. Evan, once again you did a great job with your post. I think that World Class Realty will really benefit from both of these license. Keep up the good work!


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