Creating ROI Through Social Media

Utilizing social media to create an online presence is very valuable in today’s world. By creating Facebook pages and Twitter feeds businesses can get the word out about their business and continually update consumers on what is going on. Generating revenue and being able to measure whuntitledat is generating the most return on investment (ROI) are what companies strive to do.

My aunt currently owns a bar in a Wisconsin town. Her and her business partner opened the bar about five years ago. They are currently looking at maintaining their current level of operation but are always looking for ways to increase their revenue.

Their current soft ROI only includes things such as word of mouth and newspaper advertising along with putting their logo on clothing items such as sweatshirts and t-shirts. They currently do not utilize social media to advertise. Having repeat customers allows them to continue their current level of revenue.

Starting with a Facebook page and keeping customers updated the business can grow. Keeping customers up to date and showing photos of events can keep people coming back or giving the bar a try for the first time.

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  1. Mark,
    You did a very good job on explaining your strategy, existing ROI and how you are going to maintain and enhance your ROI.

    I like idea of a FB page. Remember, you have to have a personal page first, before FB will allow you to create a page. Because this is a way for you to really build community and feed off of the community of patrons –you will want to do a FB Group — there are subtle differences between a page and a group. Either one will give you your own URL which you can brand the name of the Pub.

    Excellent job Mark.


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