Your Community Manager is Online!

I can remember the times when I was younger to get online back when AOL chat rooms were the cool thing to do. Of course, the idea of a community manager was not on my mind. But I do remember there being a “moderator,” whose role was to monitor those within the chat rooms for harassment, vulgarity, and overall healthiness of the online conversations taking place. This person on the other side of the computer screen was in charge of engaging the online audience within the chat rooms, supplying talking points for healthy communication.

Due to advancements in technology, the roles of the community manager have developed into a bigger position in companies, rather than just monitoring pre-teens in a chat room. Thanks to such online communities like Facebook and Twitter, there is more access for nonprofit and for-profit organizations and companies to reach the ever growing online community. These communities represent potential customers, supports, and donors.

The new role of the community manager is to engage the online community in conversations, problem solving should the “brand” become under fire, and promote the goods or services of their company organization. They aren’t simply selling you goods online, but engaging the community on a deeper level to understand the needs and wants. Community managers are constantly working to meet the online community needs; since websites never sleep, it is safe to believe community mangers don’t either! (maybe a slight exaggeration)

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multi-tasking community manager- Santi Rivero