High Energy DJ Creative Commons Benefit

My current business of High Energy Mobile DJs does not currently have any creative commons or copyright licenses for our services or brand logo; mainly due to the reason that there isn’t much that is proprietary. All of the services, music, and overall entertainment we provide is either already copyrighted or has creative commons on them such as the music we play, the outfits/costumes we use for dance games, etc.


The only thing that we (my father and myself) created ourselves is the business name, the business brand logo, and our business website. We could decide to put a creative commons on our website if we can prove that our template and format is creative enough and different from all the other websites; however, our website is eye-catching yet still pretty simple and not a whole lot different from other basic websites. The only true thing we could put a creative commons on would be our logo and name. We would more than likely choose the Creative Commons Attribution: Non-Commercial No Derivatives; which is defined as the closest to traditional copyright, this is the most restrictive Creative Commons license and allows others only to redistribute your work non-commercially so long as it remains unchanged and you are given credit in the way you request; often called “free advertising” because people can download and share your work freely.


The biggest benefit to this attribution for my company would definitely be the free advertising. Having people use our logo for whatever reason and sharing it on other websites or social media formats will only benefit us in getting our name and logo out to more people. As for the reason why I wouldn’t choose to copyright anything in my business is because one it’s an unnecessary investment for our locally growing company. Two, we don’t have a unique business that we are about to grow larger with developing new services or products; nor are we getting ready to franchise our company. Thirdly like previously stated, we don’t really own anything other than our brand logo and name; even though our customers technically own our brand, we at High Energy have nothing really for proprietorship; therefore there’s no point to purchasing a copyright license. We love where we’re at so far and will continue to keep growing and now with my knowledge of knowing how to increase our profits via social media, we will be just fine without the use of copyrights or creative commons. However, it is important in this global economy to have a creative commons attached to a logo and business name, and this will be something that my father and I will have a more in-depth discussion with each other about down the road.


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  1. Ethan,
    I agree with you in the way that you could utilize Creative Commons for you and your fathers DJ business. If you are making any of your own mixes you could definitely protect those as well. This is for sure an important topic in your line of work. Good job.


  2. Ethan, I completely agree with your reasoning of the free advertising you’re getting. It is very important to a company’s success. Best of luck to you and your company in the future!


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