High Energy started at a time where my dad only used word of mouth and newspaper ads as our business advertisements. It’s crazy to see the transition over time from no social media and no company website to where we are now. We’re not the most well-known company around but we do have a great retention rate of all our customers and our reviews through a website called WeddingWire.com and Facebook are off the charts! So off the charts in fact that High Energy DJs has won WeddingWire’s Couple’s Choice Award and Bride’s Choice Award the last six years running! And out of 94 reviews on WeddingWire, our overall rating is a 4.9/5!! wedding-wire-couples-choice-20152

Currently our efforts for social media are mediocre at best. We created our company Facebook page back in 2010 and we really haven’t done a whole with it since. We add photos, post events and dates, as well as special savings for couples during certain months; but we don’t really “promote” anything other than just one post about whatever we’re posting about. We do have a LinkedIn account as well, but again it’s also mediocre at best and haven’t done much with it since. We are currently discussing creating a company Twitter account but so far nothing has happened with that decision either. However, my main focus was on Facebook, our company website (www.highenergydj.com) and the analytics with the social media return on investment.

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The Soft ROI I used for my analytics was all the likes, shares, and comments we received on Facebook, as well as the clicks and web searches our company website received through Google and Weddingwire.com. You can see a more in-depth display of how I converted my Soft ROI into the Hard ROI where you’ll see exactly what we are making and how big of an impact social media and just the internet itself has on our company in my prezi presentation: http://prezi.com/embed/iazvakb8fp9y/?bgcolor=ffffff&lock_to_path=0&autoplay=0&autohide_ctrls=0#

All in all, by continuing to update our current social medias and online advertisement, it can only benefit the company by keeping us noticed, making us more money, and also making us look more professional. After learning all this knowledge of ROI and learning how I can convert our social media presence into money, it will only make me want to get a Twitter account, Instagram, etc even more. Social media is the new thing, every successful business has online advertisements and at least one successful social media page. If we can’t learn to get with the times, we could start to lose money in the future. However, for now we’re at a good pace, but I won’t stop until we’re at the top! mediaview


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  1. Ethan — like Kasey you have put together an excellent presentation on demonstrating how to convert and reap the benefits of converting Soft ROI into Hard ROI figures. You have clearly taken a serious look at how your soft marketing efforts have generated a calculation that is beneficial to the business. And I like your Converting Soft ROI to Hard ROI calculations and demonstrating that “by measuring” you can see just how valuable each FB Fan is REALLY worth to your business. $790 isn’t bad.

    I also like how you plan, moving forward to find more ways to convert time and budget dollars into revenue(s). Social media is a valuable source for marketing and making money — once you move beyond “user” to “strategist.”

    Excellent presentation.


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