The First Step in Modernizing: Gaining a Social Media Presence

Advertising has always been about getting a message across in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Back in the Mad Men days, advertisers utilized billboards, radio,Mad-Men-Don-Draper and television to promote products to consumers and their pocket books. These avenues were the best ways businesses and corporations had to creatively communicate. Today, we have refined this process. We can now promote businesses and their products through a simple status on Facebook and reach an entire client base in an instant. What used to take months can now take a few seconds. With this in mind, I decided I needed to make a Facebook page for employer while interning for them.

Cost and time aside, there are many more benefits for my employer, the Facility Services Department at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. First, an open line of communication with the students and faculty will serve endless benefits. This will allow us to let them know what we are doing, what services we offer, and how we help them on a daily basis so they know how we are bettering their campus environment. Secondly, we no longer want to be a silent, behind-the-scenes entity that no one knows about. We need our community to know what we do so they see us as an asset.

However, the simple gain in popularity through likes, comments and interactions (soft ROI) is not enough to warrant a social media presence. Money has to be generated as well. This is where hard ROI comes into play. Converting those likes and comments into useable cash is the real end goal. This process is better told in my presentation.

By having a Facebook page, Facility Services will finally be able to join the other on campus departments along with millions of other businesses in modernizing. We are moving forward, and I am honored to be the one pushing us into the modern age.

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  1. Jake, you did an excellent introduction with your post that leads up to me wanting to see the presentation. And you did not disappoint! Like a good mystery novel, you provided me with a presentation that coincides with your content. You also did an excellent job of providing me (your audience) with Projected Soft ROI figures. This means you put some thought into this. And of course, I love how you title your last slide not Hard ROI but Conversion to Cash. at the end of the day — you demonstrated that social media efforts should not be about clicking and posting, but about producing some hard measurements to show that like any marketing or PR effort, that your efforts are not just worth it — but measurably worth it.

    Great job!


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