Local Coalition’s ROI

Portage County Can (PCcan) is a partnership of community businesses, organizations, and individuals committed to promoting physical activity and healthy eating to all Portage County residents where they live, learn, work, and play.
Currently, they are a small organization, looking for opportunities to increase their presence in Portage County. They do have a Facebook page where they generate new posts related to physical activity and healthy eating about 2-3 times per week, but their average reach per post for the past month was only 33.

Last week, we sat down as a team and came up with a campaign that would increase our reach and engagement on Facebook as well as create authentic content for a walking map project for Portage County. This presentation explains the results of the campaign at day five. Please note this campaign is still live.

As noted in the presentation, return on investment (ROI) for creating authentic content for the Portage County walking map project was a wash at 0% ROI (thus far). But ROI for increasing reach and engagement was significant!
As part of PCcan’s growth plan, this campaign has revealed that they can rely on substantial ROI via strategic Facebook campaigns. This will lead into their goal to draw donations from large businesses that can better serve community programs focused on physical activity and healthy eating for Portage County residents. An equation for this goal may look like this: Average donation from large business ($5000) – Average grant amount given to community program ($500) / $500 = 900% ROI!



  1. Great job Ashley!
    Being a personal trainer, I support PCAN all the way! I really liked how you’re presentation showed a “Go Getter” type of attitude. Clearly the social media ROI stats didn’t show to be much as it is a new thing for us, and also PCAN maybe isn’t as well know as it should! But the fact that you went and showed us what you could potentially reach if you keep working at it is the best statistic there is!
    Nice job!


  2. Ashely,

    I loved your prezi and I felt that you did a great job of showing that even though 1 post did not yield any ROI yet you focused on the growth that the post did in such a short amount of time. Also, your attention to the engagement and reach and how that soft ROI can in turn create hard ROI.

    I am really looking forward to seeing where PCcan goes from here! I love the mission and vision of this organization!


  3. Hi Ashley:

    Really like your post. I especially liked how you demonstrated that going beyond the math ( which is always great to show computations and reasoning for getting your final ROI figures) that you are using Hootsuite as a tool to assist with your measuring Reach and Engagement.

    Second, because PCAN doesn’t have any real social media stats right now — and some should be considered in the near future — I am glad that you have added another important calculation that can also yield Hard ROI results and that is Reach and Engagement —

    Very nice post and presentation!


  4. It is always great to learn about new (for me) campaigns, especially related to health and wellness. The organization is lucky to have you bring your social media expertise to the table. Thanks for sharing, I will be sure to check them out!



  5. I really liked how you were able to collaborate with your colleagues to find a campaign that you all felt best suited the company. I am mostly on my own in terms of marketing strategies in my position so it’s cool you were able to have a brainstorm session like that.


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