Transforming for the Future

Similar to everything else around us, the business market is quickly changing. Commuting to a local store to get certain household items is becoming obsolete due to the flourishing market strategy involving social media. With millions of customers visiting their everyday connecting groups like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what’s happening around them, companies are changing the way they advertise. Major companies are beginning to adapt into the lifestyle of their customers rather than the traditional style of customers adapting to the company.

To stay relevant in today’s market companies need to advertise online through social media. Companies want to grab the attention of possible customers by being modern and catchy, yet they also focus on keeping their facts straight and performing in the best interest of the company. In order to do this, Community Managers are hired by the companies to take the reigns and steer the company into success.

Community Managers create awareness of their company and brand focusing towards those who’ve never heard of it. They create their own brand persona in hopes to connect with people in a positive manner and make customers out of them. As little as a few years ago, community managers were just kids trying to get as many “likes” as they could on their Facebook group page. Today, community managers working for huge companies do practically the same thing, with one added aspect at the end. They need to transform the “likes” their page is getting into paying customers.

Today’s community managers take on various roles that they need to successfully control in order to keep the business on a straight and narrow path. It is their duty to act as communication professionals, problem solvers, and innovators; all of which are necessities when dealing with different personalities on a daily basis. The five main traits a successful community manager needs in their day to day life on the job are summed up in the following paragraphs.


Firstly, community managers need to be able to detect customer problems and be able to route them to proper tech support. In order for this to happen, community managers need to have proper communication skills that allows the customer their talking to, to openly share what their issue is and trust they are in the right hands. Community managers need to remain dependable to customers and willingly help them with the service they need.

Due to their title of being a manger, community managers also need to keep coworkers driven toward the same goal. By keeping an enthusiastic an supportive role as the leader, tech service employees beneath them will likely adopt a similar personality and help create a positive atmosphere. This again reflects back to customer support. By creating an enjoyable experience with the customer, they are likely to not only remain loyal to the company, but also give referrals.


Community mangers also act as a mediator controlling customer feedback and relating it to their subordinates an a manner that is both concise and appropriate. On the flip side, community mangers are responsible for ensuring customers fully understand directions that can save time and money by performing quick fixes.

What I feel is the most important role for community managers is to research and understand engagement metrics an prepare properly for the future. Engagement metrics tell an observing company just how long their information is being viewed by personnel while on the internet. Companies can then determine if their advertising strategy is sufficient or if changes need to occur.

images9G6W8DA3And lastly, community mangers need to pertain to their customers, yet remain professional. It is, after all, their written work that customers are reading that paints the brands personality into the minds of those on the social media sites. The people that will see the companies advertisements go beyond just the target market so community managers need to make sure what they’re selling is properly available to everyone.

Overall, the role of a community manager has changed a great deal in the past 5 years and will continue to adapt to the ever-changing forms of social media. It will be a great experience watching what powerful companies do next to ensure their information is falling into the hands of their future customers.

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